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Ecofest This Saturday: It’s All Green

In just 4 years, Ecofest has become one of Westport’s most popular events.

There’s live music, food, exhibits, raffles, prizes, and plenty of interactive games and “stuff” for kids — all with a green theme. It’s a fun, exciting way to learn how to help save the planet, or at least live a healthier life yourself.

This year’s event is Saturday (June 9), 12 noon to 5 p.m. at the Levitt Pavilion.

It’s all organized and run by students from Staples High School’s Club Green.

Admission is free, thanks to support from Melissa & Doug, Terex, Wakeman Town Farm, Steaz iced tea, Skinny Pines brick oven caterer and J&J Kettle Korn.

So just how “green” is Ecofest? Well, if you bring your old light bulbs, printer cartridges and electronics, Club Green will recycle them for you.

Lookin’ good at last year’s Ecofest.

EcoFest Action

The 3rd annual EcoFest kicked off at noon today (Saturday) at Levitt Pavilion.  Exhibits, demonstrations, vendors, music, food — all are components of environmental awareness.

EcoFest continues through 5 p.m. today.

Learn everything there is to know about composting -- and more.

Chickens are disappearing in Westport. But they bring a lot to the table.

Among the booths: tips on avoiding toxic products.

Annie Harnick and Nick Cion explain single-stream recycling -- coming to Westport July 1.

Staples Club Green co-president Ben Meyers surveys the EcoFest scene.

EcoFest Sustains Itself

“Sustainability” is a big part of EcoFest’s message.

But for its 1st 2 years, the townwide environmental exhibition/music festival produced by Staples’ Club Green could not sustain itself.

This year’s free event — set for tomorrow (Saturday, June 11, 12-5:30 p.m.) at the Levitt Pavilion — is as sustainable as its message.

After 2 years of help from Green Village Initiative and CL&P, this year the student organizers looked for business sponsors.  Included are New England Smart Energy, Terex, Chevy Volt, Tauck-Romano, and GVI.

“We wanted to show the public who really cares about the environment,” says spokesman Ben Meyers.  “To wash your car, go to Westport Wash & Wax — they’ve got solar panels.”  Car wash credits are one of EcoFest’s raffle prizes.

“The music and green message has always been there,” Ben notes.  “But this year the club really wanted to make sure to hit the ‘eco’ part.  It’s all about getting more products and things that people can use.”

Over 30 vendors will sell sustainable products, offer options like solar and wind energy, and provide low-key educational activities.

Plus:  face painting, recycling racing, create-your-own-green cleaning products, raffles of cool environmental movies, and more.

Also on tap:  food and drinks from the likes of Skinny Pines organic pizza, Planet Fuel organic juice drinks, and Steaz teas.

The Staples cheerleaders support EcoFestClub Green will sell its own organic t-shirts, and BPA-free water bottles. Two electric cars -- a Tesla and Chevy Volt -- will be displayed.

Meyers says that Fairfield County is “one of the worst CO2-emitting areas in the world.”  The average local resident uses twice the amount as the average American — and 9 times more than the average Chinese (52 tons per year, versus 6 in China).

“One reason is our big houses, and how we insulate, heat and light them,” Meyers says.

Tomorrow, turn off your lights.  Shut the a/c.  Head to the Levitt, for the 3rd annual EcoFest.

Hopefully, you’ll get there by hybrid or electric vehicle.

Or on bike.  Or foot.

EcoFest: The Sequel

Last year’s inaugural EcoFest was a smash.

Lured by great weather, good music and plenty of food — and the warm feeling of learning how to do right by Mother Earth — an unexpectedly large crowd gathered at Levitt Pavilion for an afternoon of environmentally correct fun.

Information, and reusable water bottles, at EcoFest 2009.

The 2nd annual EcoFest is set for this Saturday, again at the Levitt.  The sponsors — Staples’ Club Green and Westport’s Green Village Initiative — have gathered over 30 exhibitors — and added a few twists.

Once again there’s free (!) food — but this time Bobby Q’s will serve pork raised by local farms, and Skinny Pines Pizza‘s offerings will be all local and organic (with fully biodegradable tableware, cutlery and cups made from plants).

If you bring your own water bottle, the drinks are free.

The 12:30-2:30 time slot is geared specifically to youngsters and their families, with plenty of kids’ activities.

The music kicks off at around 2:30 — that’s when the high school and college crowds are expected.

The surprise hit last year was Staples student Glenn Friedman’s circus bus, which he’d converted to run on waste vegetable oil.

No word yet on what this Saturday’s EcoFest will unveil.

But there’s always something new under the sun.