EcoFest: The Sequel

Last year’s inaugural EcoFest was a smash.

Lured by great weather, good music and plenty of food — and the warm feeling of learning how to do right by Mother Earth — an unexpectedly large crowd gathered at Levitt Pavilion for an afternoon of environmentally correct fun.

Information, and reusable water bottles, at EcoFest 2009.

The 2nd annual EcoFest is set for this Saturday, again at the Levitt.  The sponsors — Staples’ Club Green and Westport’s Green Village Initiative — have gathered over 30 exhibitors — and added a few twists.

Once again there’s free (!) food — but this time Bobby Q’s will serve pork raised by local farms, and Skinny Pines Pizza‘s offerings will be all local and organic (with fully biodegradable tableware, cutlery and cups made from plants).

If you bring your own water bottle, the drinks are free.

The 12:30-2:30 time slot is geared specifically to youngsters and their families, with plenty of kids’ activities.

The music kicks off at around 2:30 — that’s when the high school and college crowds are expected.

The surprise hit last year was Staples student Glenn Friedman’s circus bus, which he’d converted to run on waste vegetable oil.

No word yet on what this Saturday’s EcoFest will unveil.

But there’s always something new under the sun.

23 responses to “EcoFest: The Sequel

  1. Outside Observer

    Not to be a grouch but yesterday in the rain, there must have been 200 cars entering both Staples and Bedford Middle School to pick up their kids. Most buses observed were half empty. If you want to be eco-friendly, how about addressing that during your Eco-Fest! ?We have plenty of land fill in this country but the air/water is limited.

  2. Not to mention the overspending aspect with half filled buses!

  3. El Greengo

    Hey look, The Cynics have arrived! No, Cynics, don’t praise the efforts of hard-working and intelligent students who want to create real change … naaah … just moan, pout, and be royal pains in the ashtray.

  4. Innocent Bystander

    It is a good point. Hardly cynical, liberal or off point. If you are burning carbon emissions, you are polluting the air we breath for seemingly pointless reasons. You can rally around “Green” products and devices all you want but the most critical is our environment. No one is discounting the efforts of EcoFest. Every little bit helps.

  5. Hypocrisy is the greatest luxury.

    Check out big Al’s new digs:

    Don’t hate me for exposing you to the truth.

  6. How did we get from EcoFest to Al Gore? We had that election. If the oil spill in the Gulf is not sufficient proof that we should be paying far more attention to the planet we live, I am not sure what will? I think Outside Observer make a good point. In a town where we ban plastic bags, why not restrictions on gas emissions? Maybe everyone should bike to Eco Fest?

  7. I gotta go with Raho. Over the top. Big time.
    Gore was always sort of a jerk.

  8. Maybe Glenn Friedman can bus our kids to school?

  9. Hey Greengo, I don’t think anyone is knocking the kids’ efforts. I went last year and it was a fun time. I agree with the first comment that other issues should be addressed as well. Green may be fun but oil spills, global warming and other significant issues of our environment need some priority as well. To dismiss those who bring such items to the blog as “royal pains in the astrays” is petty and narrow-minded.

  10. El Greengo


    So, completely derailing the whole purpose of the blog post is OK? In the Web 2.0 lingo, bloggers and digital natives call that being a troll.

    Maybe we should hit the Rotary post next … and begin whining about how the Boy Scouts don;t offer enough hiking merit badges.

    The Green kids at Staples are dedicated, hard-woking, globally conscious, and willing to actually go out and create real change … not simply sit on the sideline and whine, point fingers, and offer solutions without ever trying to solve the problems.

  11. Innocent Bystander

    It appears that Mr. Raho is “06680” blog’s self-imposed Google. Good for him. I enjoy reading the links. I would guess that he is suggesting such cites to make a point or non-sensical counterpoints. I will disagree with him on one point: I have been on many oil rigs. They are dangerous as hell with often times, undeducated idiots running the show. The government agency in charge of overseeing their safe operation knows very little of oil rigs and is instead, is a puppet for the oil companies. On a final note, it would appear Mr. Raho’s Tea Party did make gains in the Kentucky primary. Things could get very interesting . . .

  12. Just in case any of you were wondering, I created the lovely poster on the left-hand side of the picture. Round of applause, please.

  13. Near Sighted

    I can’t read it. But nice job. Have you thought about entering it into the Sconset Art Stroll?

  14. El Greengo: First, the purpose of the blog is to have people THINK. Your verbage tends to define the confines of the discussion. That is not good. To repeat myself, no one is criticizing the efforts of the students or participants. But certainly oil spills and global warming issues belong in any discussion of the Eco-fest or system. And why do you assume that writers on this blog don’t do anything regarding the environment but to whine? Grips, one contributor used to work for the EPA. I suggest you open your mind and take a very deep breath (cough, cough). You are whining about people whining.

  15. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Dan Staples very talented and very gracious culinary instructors are making 600 plus cupcakes for all to enjoy too

  16. Is there a schedule of events or list of performers available anywhere?

  17. El Greengo

    I really hope Midi and the Modern Dance plays a set. Go Ecofest!