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Club Green Hopes To Win Green

Last year, Staples’ Club Green won $5,000 in CL&P’s “Live Green Win Green” contest.  The money helped fund EcoFest, and paid for recycling bins for the school and athletic fields.

This year, club members helped bring in a double-sided printer for the library.   It saves 350 reams of paper a year — that’s $1,000, for those who care more about money than trees.

Club Green also hopes to make EcoFest — the yearly environmental/music festival — better than ever.

They’d also like to win that $5,000 again.  Or $20,000.

“06880” readers can help.  Public voting begins tomorrow (Wed., March 9) — just click here.  (You can vote multiple times each day.  Hey, it works for Chicago.)

After voters winnow the field, judges pick the final winners.  The grand prize is 20 grand.

Club Green members (from left) Brett Adelglass, Sarah Fox, Ben Meyers, Dan Navarro, Harry Stuttard, Nicole Brill, Swheta Lawande, Caroline Foster, Mike Aitkenhead (advisor), Alex Krayson, Robby Gershowitz.

Eco-ing A Vital Message

Today’s 2nd annual Eco-Fest flooded the Levitt Pavilion with 1,500 hungry folks.

Kids, Staples students, parents and grandparents — all were hungry for environmental information, free food, and good music.

They got it — and more.

I’m not sure which I enjoyed most:  seeing so many committed young people earnestly manning booths; the pulled pork from Bobby Q’s, or the “Pump It Up, Baby!” video by Walter Kosner, Mikey Holmes and Helen Martin Block (shown at the library) that must be the funniest look ever at septic systems.

I know what I didn’t like:  Taking an online test, and learning that if every human being on earth followed my daily habits, we’d need 2.9 planets to live on.

“That’s okay,” the student at the laptop said.  “Mine came out to 6.  But I’m trying to cut down.”

Thanks to Eco-Fest, we all have a little more knowledge about how to do it.

Darien High students Ryan Dirvin and Rahul Datta, with mentor Westporter Leo Cirino, show off the hydrogen fuel cell car they designed. "You can drink the exhaust," they claim.

Jonathan Steinberg hosts a toilet toss. Hit the target, win a prize -- and think about waste products.

Free pulled pork from Bobby Q's, pizza from Skinny Pines, cupcakes from the Staples culinary department, Newman's Own drinks -- and of course, compostable cups.

Violinist Jeff Cheng and guitarist/vocalist Max Stampa-Brown -- 2 of the many musical acts at EcoFest 2.