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Bathhouse Blues, Part 2

A recent “06880” post on beach stuff junk left in the Compo bathhouses brought a flood of comments — less about Westporters’ tendency to not clean up after themselves, than about the aging bathhouses themselves.

It also brought a note from Debbie Parnon. As chairman of Darien’s Weed Beach Building Committee, she recently oversaw the renovation of a bathhouse in 06820.

“We replaced an outdated, dirty old bathhouse with an amazing building that reflects how much we value our beach,” she says.

Weed Beach bathhouse before…

The project included construction of a new paddle warming structure, and an outdoor fire pit for the public to use when renting the building.

The budget was $3.3 million. The final cost: $3.1 million — $200,000 under budget.

“Would love to see Westport enhance the Compo Beach facility,” Debbie says.

So would many others.

…and after. (Photo/Darien Times)