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Racial Incidents: Starbucks Replies

The ongoing harassment of a Westport Starbucks employee — including use of the “n-word” and stalking, by an apparently unstable woman — has reached corporate headquarters in Seattle.

A company spokesperson contacted “06880” this afternoon. He said the woman is no longer allowed in Starbucks stores, in Westport and neighboring towns.

Starbucks has been trying to reach the employee, the spokesperson said.

Local leadership has made multiple attempts to speak with DayShawn, to update him on actions the company has taken to ensure the safety and protection of employees, and ensure he’s felt support from leaders throughout the investigative process.

The spokesperson added:

“None of our partners should feel harassed while in our stores. We take these matters seriously.

“Our stores are a place of community, where everyone is welcome, provided they contribute to a positive environment and an enjoyable experience. We are aware of the social media post, have thoroughly investigated the matter alongside local law enforcement, and have taken appropriate action to ensure the safety of our partners – which includes the formal restriction of the customer from our stores in the area.”

Westport’s downtown Starbucks.

Rally Set For Downtown Starbucks Employee

An 8 a.m. rally is planned for Friday morning (July 24) in support of a downtown Starbucks employee.

The barista, Dayshawn — one of the most popular at the Parker Harding Plaza location — has posted on social media that he is the target of continued harassment by one customer. She calls him the “N-word,”and stalked him in the parking lot.

Dayshawn, the Starbucks employee.

Other customers have witnessed what’s happened. Dayshawn said that Starbucks officials have not intervened effectively, not banning her while telling him and co-workers it is their job to serve customers.

Organizers add that the woman harassing Dayshawn is “unstable. The focus is not on her. It is on this: After Dayshawn and his coworkers wrote to corporate Starbucks about this woman, they shrugged him off.

“This is systemic racism, enabled by corporate America. There is no reason he should have been in a hostile working environment like this. They need to answer for it.

“No one inside the local Starbucks is responsible for what Dayshawn has experienced. They have been very supportive of Dayshawn throughout this. The focus is on what we stand for in this town and what we expect of our business models.

“Please wear yellow if you have it, and keep this supportive. Even a sign with a heart will send a message.”