Racial Incidents: Starbucks Replies

The ongoing harassment of a Westport Starbucks employee — including use of the “n-word” and stalking, by an apparently unstable woman — has reached corporate headquarters in Seattle.

A company spokesperson contacted “06880” this afternoon. He said the woman is no longer allowed in Starbucks stores, in Westport and neighboring towns.

Starbucks has been trying to reach the employee, the spokesperson said.

Local leadership has made multiple attempts to speak with DayShawn, to update him on actions the company has taken to ensure the safety and protection of employees, and ensure he’s felt support from leaders throughout the investigative process.

The spokesperson added:

“None of our partners should feel harassed while in our stores. We take these matters seriously.

“Our stores are a place of community, where everyone is welcome, provided they contribute to a positive environment and an enjoyable experience. We are aware of the social media post, have thoroughly investigated the matter alongside local law enforcement, and have taken appropriate action to ensure the safety of our partners – which includes the formal restriction of the customer from our stores in the area.”

Westport’s downtown Starbucks.

17 responses to “Racial Incidents: Starbucks Replies

  1. Frannie Southworth

    That’s fabulous news! I’m really proud of the activism in Westport including your blog Dan. Now let’s change policy to further protect people of color!

  2. Dorothy Nevas Freedman

    I am wondering why the management of our local Starbucks did not do more to assist their employee and let the mentally disturbed customer continue her abusive behavior in their store. Dorothy Nevas Freedman Sent from my iPhone


  3. Wonderful! I hope the unfortunate woman will receive treatment.

  4. Great that they support this man against this unstable person

  5. Leslie Petersen

    I wrote to Howard Shultz 2 days ago and urged him to get in his jet to Westport and meet with employees and Chief of Police, stat.This town will not tolerate behavior like this from anyone. I’m glad they have responded and hope they will “walk the walk”. I presume the gathering for tomorrow will be called off. Please let me know if I am wrong. Thanks fellow Westporters!

  6. Dawn Collins

    How hard would it be for corporate to “ reach the employee” ? Call his place of employment, I’m pretty sure they have that # 🙄

  7. After nine months of ignoring their employee’s request to ban this racist woman from his store where he was being called the N-word, Starbucks is FINALLY scrambling to do what they should have done all year. Why? Because white wealthy people are rallying. If they were so caring, they would have listened to their Black employee.

  8. Diane Yormark

    Well done Starbucks!

  9. Susan Iseman

    What is the point of the video? Can anyone explain….

  10. a) why did it take 10 months for this to happen and b) now that something is being done, the focus should be on the employer that allowed their employee to endure such horrendous emotional attacks for such a long time.