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Carlson And Gailmor: Reunited (And It Sounds So Good!)

For anyone living in Westport in the early 1970s — or a music coffeehouse fan in New England and nearby — Carlson and Gailmor were close to gods.

Rob Carlson and Jon Gailmor were classmates (and fellow Orphenians) in Staples High School’s Class of 1966. After college (Brown and Penn, respectively), they formed a folk duo.

Their Polydor debut album — “Peaceable Kingdom” — is remains a classic for who heard it.

But before hitting the big time, the singers went their separate ways.

Carlson headed to the Caribbean, played local spots like Grassroots and the Tin Whistle, ran an independent production company, produced song satires and jingles, formed the Modern Man trio, and reconstituted his old Providence band, Benefit Street.

Gailmor moved to Vermont. Running music-writing workshops in schools, and (of course) performing, he’s became an icon. He was actually named an official “state treasure.”

Seven years ago — at their Staples 45th reunion — they sang together for the first time in decades.

They were on stage again last month, at the Weston Historical Society’s “Life in the ’60s” coffeehouse.

Jon Gailmor (left) and Rob Carlson, last month at the Weston Grange.

The audience loved them. Apparently, they loved it too.

The next day, Gailmor dropped by Carlson’s Fairfield studio. Backed by Paul Payton (keyboard), they laid down vocals on a ’70s song Carlson always thought they’d do well: King Harvest’s “Dancin’ in the Moonlight.”

Carlson later added Westporter Jeff Southworth’s guitar, and his own son Sam’s drums, and did the final mix.

It’s an upbeat, joyful tune — perfect for Carlson and Gailmor’s first studio collaboration in 45 years.

Let’s hope there are many more ahead.

Of course you can hear it! Just click here.