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Local Facebook Resource Sites Are Back

In 2009 — when Cyd Hamer was considering moving from Greenwich to Westport — she met Kami Evans.

Cyd had worked in marketing and sales. Kami’s business — and hobby — was connecting businesses and non-profits with community members.

They became great friends.

Cyd moved here. She got her real estate license. And she became a huge Westport booster.

Cyd Hamer

“It’s got great schools. There’s a cosmopolitan mix. New people are welcomed. The arts are great. The river is right downtown. The beach is a real gathering place. The Levitt brings people together too. It’s a town of action. Things get done,” Cyd says.

Kami, meanwhile, started several community Facebook pages. She became an “influence marketer.”

Two of her most popular pages were Westport and Fairfield Parents, and Fairfield County Friends and Family. Both invited readers to ask about — and recommend — the best local places to shop, upcoming events, and other resources.

But when Kami decided to archive the pages, readers felt lost.

Now Cyd’s resurrected them.

Once again, the 2 pages are buzzing. Readers recently posted:

  • I need a good nanny for my 10-month-old.
  • What’s the best place to park at LaGuardia?
  • Anyone know a nail salon that comes to your home?

Feel free to respond on Cyd’s Facebook pages.

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