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Chris Coyne’s Concussions

Chris Coyne’s story is well known in Westport sports circles.

Chris Coyne

A star football player at Staples, his playing career ended as a Yale freshman during pre-season, when he suffered his 6th concussion. (Not all had occurred on the football field.)

Though at first this one seemed mild, Chris’ symptoms — severe memory lapses and an inability to concentrate — soon made him realize that the cumulative effects were dangerous.

Since then, Chris has spoken out strongly on the need for concussion awareness. His latest forum is the popular “Goodyblog” on Parents Magazine’s website.

The story is factual, and hard-hitting. But even more impressive is the link to a 5-minute video.

In it, Chris describes in compelling detail exactly what concussions have done to his life.

But he also talks about how much he loved football — and still does.

The game has taught him respect and responsibility, and given him a strong work ethic, he says.

He’s shown telling Westport PAL players the importance of recognizing — and reporting — concussions.

“I wish I knew then what I know now,” he tells Westport — and the world.

“If I did, I’d still be playing.”

(The Scholastic video was written by Staples grad Lauren Tarshis. And a tip to alert “06880” reader Pippa Bell Ader, the mother of a child with a severe concussion, for sending the Scholastic story along.)


First came boxing.  Then the NFL and NHL.  Most recently, college football.

Now fears about concussions have reached down to the youth sports level.

Soon, local coaches and parents can separate fact from fiction.

On Saturday, January 16, Westport PAL and the Sports Legacy Institute will sponsor a coaches’ certification program.  The event is open to PAL coaches, those in other organizations, and interested parents.

Training will be conducted by Chris Nowinski.  A WWE Hardcore champion forced to retire after several concussions, he is known as a dynamic speaker.

I suppose that’s better than calling his style “hard-hitting.”

(The concussion program is set for 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 16, at Saugatuck Elementary School.  Organizations interested in sending coaches should contact Carmen Roda:  203-640-8085.  Parents do not need to register in advance, and there is no charge.  For further information, email aterber@optonline.net.)