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Sapersteins Battle Mankind’s Scourge

It’s been a mild winter so far. (We’ve already forgotten about that 1-day blizzard.)

That’s good news to everyone. Except maybe Larry Saperstein.

The Westport resident — a radiologist on the faculty of the Yale School of Medicine — wanted to protect his own immune system. For years, he suffered from debilitating winter colds.

Saperstein knew the benefits of zinc and vitamin C. But he wanted more.

He learned about liposomal formulations. Ingredients are enclosed in hollow spheres (liposomes) that enter the bloodstream more easily than conventional water-soluble supplements. In addition, many more active ingredients are absorbed by the body.

Saperstein added an all-natural patented black pepper fruit extract. It’s believed to enhance absorption even further, and give an energy boost.

Saperstein has 3 school-aged kids. He works in a hospital. Since taking Zyta-C, he has not had a cold in 4 years.

zyta-cThere are plenty of nutritional supplements. Most taste icky. Saperstein and his wife Amy — a marketer — convened a group of Westport preschool moms to test different flavors. They settled on citrus.

The Sapersteins named their company High Point Laboratories, for the road they live on. From her home, Amy is spreading the word about their product.

She’s starting by giving out Zyta-C at health-conscious spots around town. Westport Tennis Club and Joyride have already signed on.

Amy wants to include “06880” readers. For a free box (a 1-week supply sells for $14), go to http://www.zyta-c.com, then enter the code “zytafree06880” at checkout.

Let’s hope the mild winter continues. But whatever the weather, let’s also hope that Larry and Amy Saperstein continue to prevent common colds.