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Roundup: Sunrise, Open Space, Super Bowl, More


It’s not a quiet day in America.

Politicians debate the future of the president — and our democracy. More than 200,000 people will be diagnosed with COVID-19 today. Another 4,000 will die.

But in Westport, we woke up to this scene today.

(Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)

There is beauty all around us. We are so fortunate to not look far to find it.


The property between Clapboard Hill Road and Morningside Drive South is one of the last big pieces of private open space left in Westport.

A new house is under construction there. This week, excavation began in the middle of the field.

No building or subdivision plans have been filed, so this might be work to improve the water table, drain the wetlands or otherwise tend to the fill there.

“06880” will follow up when we find out for sure.

(Photo/Nicholas Eisenberger)


Before he became CBS News chief homeland security and justice correspondent, a 3-time Emmy Award winner and the author of a book on police and the Black community, Jeff Pegues was an All-FCIAC running back on the Staples High School football team.

So he’s got some skin in the game when he interviews James Brown, host of  CBS’ “The NFL Today” and Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” on January 27 (7 p.m.).

The free virtual program — sponsored by the Westport Library — will preview the Super Bowl, with intriguing insights and analysis. Click here to register.

James Brown and Jeff Pegues.


And finally … on this date in 1968, Johnny Cash performed his now-famous concert at Folsom Prisom.

Photo Challenge #175

Once upon a time, there was open space in Westport.

Gradually, throughout the first 70 or so years of the 20th century, it disappeared. Farmland gave way to houses. Trees were cut down to make roads. Fortunately, a few spots were preserved as, well, “preserves.”

These days, it’s hard to find undeveloped land anywhere in town.

But not impossible.

There are 10 or 12 acres on Clapboard Hill, between South Morningside and South Turkey Hill. It’s called the Kowalsky property. And though from time to time you’ll see “For Sale” signs there, it’s still a throwback to an earlier Westport.

The property — specifically, a curious-looking tree stump in the middle of it — was the subject of last week’s photo challenge. Hailey Nusbaum, Susan Ellis, Elaine Marino, Wendy Cusick, Andrew Colabella, Judith Brown and Shirlee Gordon all correctly identified it. (Wendy, of course, added important background details.) Click here to see the photo, and all the guesses.

As for this week’s photo challenge: Yeah, we know it’s a men’s room.

But where? The answer will astonish you. (NOTE: Photographer Alan Phillips is pretty sure that the women’s room looks similarly nice. Without, of course, the urinals.)

(Photo/Alan Phillips)