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Honoring Young Veterans’ Sacrifices

Yesterday was Veterans Day. For several years, Staples assistant principal Rich Franzis arranged assemblies, speakers and other events at his school to mark the day.

This year, former Staples teacher — and US Army Ranger — Dan Geraghty invited Franzis to participate at Geraghty’s current school, Easton/Redding’s Joel Barlow High.

Franzis brought along 2 Staples grads. Both are from the Class of 2005. Both joined the Marine Corps.

“At the point in their lives when most 18-year-olds are thinking about summer jobs, the beach and an upcoming transition to college,” Franzis noted, “each of them wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount of up to, and including, their life.”

All-State football player Pat Scott served 2 tours of duty in Iraq, and another in Guantanamo. This year, he will graduate from Fairfield University.

Cal Wauchope pinned on sergeant stripes in record time. He served twice in Iraq, and once in Afghanistan. He too graduates this year, from Pace University.

Celebrating Veterans Day yesterday at Joel Barlow High School *(from left): Calvin Wauchope, Rich Franzis, Pat Scott and Dan Geraghty

Celebrating Veterans Day yesterday at Joel Barlow High School *(from left): Calvin Wauchope, Rich Franzis, Pat Scott and Dan Geraghty

Franzis also talked about 2 other members of Staples’ Class of ’05. Greg Jacobs, an excellent student, served several tours of duty in Afghanistan as a scout sniper. He is now studying at Columbia University. Orlando Figueroa served in Iraq, after getting himself in superb physical shape as a senior.

At Barlow, Franzis presented each former Stapleite with a letter. It conveyed his personal thanks — and a story.

The story began when Franzis was a battalion commander in 2004. One of his soldiers was an intelligence analyst who had deployed to Afghanistan just a few weeks after 9/11.

Before he left, he got permission from the FBI, NYPD and Fire Department of New York to go to the Fresh Kills landfill site, where remains from the World Trade Center were hauled.

Franzis’ soldier secured 50 pounds of granite from the fallen buildings. With the Army’s blessing, he transported it to Afghanistan. His goal was to distribute pieces of the granite to troops on the ground, as a remembrance of why they were there.

Remains from the World Trade Center found their way to Rich Franzis' soldiers in Afghanistan.

Remains from the World Trade Center found their way to Rich Franzis’ soldiers in Afghanistan.

In 2007, when Franzis was in Iraq, he received a box from the man. In it was a personalized letter to every one of Franzis’ soldiers — with a piece of the granite from the World Trade Center for each.

Yesterday, Franzis gave a piece of the granite — and a copy of the letter his soldier sent — to Scott and Wauchope. It’s a personal reminder of their own journeys.

“You have figuratively walked a million miles since the Twin Towers fell on that September morning of your freshman year at Staples,” Franzis said. “Let this be a reminder that you can do anything you set out to do.

“The hardest thing you’ll ever have to do in your life is already behind you.”

Send Supplies To Calvin Wauchope

Four years ago, Calvin Wauchope graduated from Staples. His friends went to college; he joined the Marines.
He did 2 tours in Iraq.  Now he’s in Afghanistan.
Marines don’t like to ask for help.  But he’s a 21-year-old sergeant, and his unit could use some basic supplies:
  • Baby wipes (big or small)
  • White socks (calf/boot high)
  • Powder water mixers (iced tea, Gatorade, Crystal Light Lemonade)
  • Dried fruit
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, lotion, ChapStick)
  • DVDs, magazines, books (hand-me-downs are fine)
  • Dried goods (Pepperidge Farms-type, like Goldfish; they don’t have a microwave, so no popcorn, etc.)
  • Letter writing material (including stamps)

Calvin is in charge of 7 men.  His best friend leads another 7.  There’s a total of 40 Marines on base — and all could benefit from Westport’s generosity.

You can pack donations into a $10 flat rate box (available at the post office), and send it to:
Sgt. Wauchope, Calvin
3DBN 11th MAR(TAP)
Unit 41630
FPO AP 96427-1630

But you don’t even have to do that.  Westport uber-volunteer Jane Horton — a friend of the Wauchopes — has volunteered to accept any material, and take care of shipping.  Her address is 134 Roseville Road; please email jahorton@optonline.net before dropping off.

We don’t hear a lot about Afghanistan these days.  But now that we’ve heard, let’s help 1 of Westport’s own.  And 39 other Americans, who are also our own.

Sgt. Calvin Wauchope

Sgt. Calvin Wauchope