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Why America Faces An Obesity Crisis

What a glorious spring week!  Each afternoon, the roads of Westport are filled with walkers, joggers, bikers…

…and parents waiting in their cars, for the bus to disgorge their kids from school.

I’m not talking 1 or 2 moms (or dads).  I mean battalions, all sitting inside their (idling) cars as if the sun would give them swine flu.

Westport school busThese are not parents waiting at the end of a busy mile-long street, either.  Some live on those new little 1-house “roads” (actually driveways named for themselves).  They drive all of 6 yards to retrieve their precious cargo.  A few, I am sure, walk further to their garage than if they stroll to meet the bus.

People, please:  Walk to the bus stop.  Then walk “all the way home” with your kid.  Point out some birds and flowers.  Chat.  Amble.

Or — call me crazy — hang around the house, and let your kid walk home alone.  Maybe with a friend?

Nah.  This is Westport.  Who knows what dangers lurk between the bus stop and #2 (Insert Your Name Here) Lane?