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Unsung Heroes #25

Little things mean a lot.

Briana Walegir has lived in Westport for over 15 years. She owns a holistic heatlh coaching and personal training business.

The other day morning she was near home, stretching in the Rizzuto’s parking lot prior to her usual 6-mile run.

She saw an 18-wheel tractor-trailer — obviously from I-95 — that had turned right from Riverside. The driver was about to go over the William Cribari (aka Bridge Street) Bridge.


A man in the Bridge Square parking lot walked over to the rig. Briana decided to help too.

For 15 minutes, she stopped all the cars at the intersection. She cleared the remaining vehicles, allowing the driver to back — v-e-r-y slowly — into the Rizzuto lot, and be on his way.

Briana Walegir, on a beach run.

Crisis averted, Briana started her run. She thought to herself how lucky she was to have been there at that moment, and how nice it was that others jumped in too.

As she ran along Greens Farms Road, a woman pulled over. She thanked Briana, told her she’d done her good deed for the day, and asked her name so she could be nominated as an “06880” Unsung Hero.

“That made me feel so good,” Briana says. “But I try to help save people’s lives every day, through diet and exercise. That day was no different. It takes an army of wonderful people to make a beautiful community that we live in.”

(Click here for Briana’s website. To nominate an “Unsung Hero,” email dwoog@optonline.net. Hat tip: Teresa Turvey)