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Birds Take Flight

You know those enormous birds that sprouted recently on lawns all across Westport?  The ones promoting Project Return’s annual Birdhouse Auction April 3 at the Inn of Longshore?

Non-disappearing birds on Myrtle Avenue

Non-disappearing birds on Myrtle Avenue

According to WestportNow.com, at least 14 of them have “disappeared.”  I’d use the word “stolen,” but that’s because I remember my own teenage years, when I helped more than a few street signs “disappear.”

These birdhouses are a much more alluring target than road signs.  Of course, they’re also harder to hide in a basement or closet.  Not that I’m telling parents all over town to look there immediately ;).

And, without clear proof, I certainly won’t accuse Westport’s young people of doing something I would have done.  Times are tough for everyone.   You never know what will show up on eBay these days, do you?