Birds Take Flight

You know those enormous birds that sprouted recently on lawns all across Westport?  The ones promoting Project Return’s annual Birdhouse Auction April 3 at the Inn of Longshore?

Non-disappearing birds on Myrtle Avenue

Non-disappearing birds on Myrtle Avenue

According to, at least 14 of them have “disappeared.”  I’d use the word “stolen,” but that’s because I remember my own teenage years, when I helped more than a few street signs “disappear.”

These birdhouses are a much more alluring target than road signs.  Of course, they’re also harder to hide in a basement or closet.  Not that I’m telling parents all over town to look there immediately ;).

And, without clear proof, I certainly won’t accuse Westport’s young people of doing something I would have done.  Times are tough for everyone.   You never know what will show up on eBay these days, do you?

One response to “Birds Take Flight

  1. I wonder if the disappearing birds were taking flight to spread the message of Dan Woog’s March 26th birthday? If so, the one assigned to me flew the coop without so much as a single chirp!

    Anyway … Happy BELATED Birthday, Dan! And thanks for being a great friend to Staples Players!