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Does Baseball World Know Something The Rest Of The World Doesn’t?

An alert “06880” reader was intrigued to see an ad for Westport’s Baseball World between innings of last night’s Mets game on SNY.

The ad showed a personal appearance by Bob Feller.

That’s definitely worth going to.

The Cleveland Indians’ Hall of Fame pitcher died last December.

Frank Who-ard? (Update)

Frank Howard visited Baseball World — the private camp at Staples High School — today.

At 6-8 and 275 pounds — with a prodigious home run swing — the former LA Dodger, Washington Senator and Texas Ranger is a legend for those of us of a certain vintage.

But his Rookie of the Year season was 1960.  His stint as Mets manager was way back in 1983.

Many of the kids in Baseball World were born in this century.

Odds are, they’ve never heard of Frank Howard.

Even Frank Thomas is probably a stretch.


Tonight, Mike McGovern sent this note to “06880”:

Fortunately Frank Howard the man — not Frank Howard the baseball card — showed up at Baseball World Camp today.

While the kids were not that knowledgeable about his career, Mr. Howard’s enthusiasm, warmth and larger-than-life presence were as impressive as his 500-foot home runs.  The lineup of kids waiting for autographs would give Santa Claus a run for his money.  But a picture does tell a thousand words, so here you go:

James McGovern, age 8, and Frank Howard, 73.