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Your Cheatin’ Heart

You might think that — with its large percentage of Wall Street men (and women) — Westport would teem with people who cheat on things like insider trading.

Or that — given the enormous pressure to get into the best college possible — we’d have a ton of teenagers who cheat on things like tests.

That may be true. It’s tough to know.

But when it comes to cheating on spouses — something previously impossible to quantify — we can say with certainty: We’re #1 in the state!

And — a drumroll, please — Westport is the 4th most cheating place in the entire country.

CheatingThat’s not “06880” (the blog) talking. It’s Ashley Madison. That’s the website that — is this a great country or what? — encourages people to have affairs by matching them with similar people hoping to cheat on their own significant others.

Ashley Madison anointed Westport #1 for cheaters by dividing Connecticut’s population by the number of its users who list Westport as their hometown.

Of the site’s 240,000 users (!), 5.9 percent live here. Stamford is next, with a mere 4.6 percent. Slackers.

Of course, a reasonable person might wonder whether someone who seeks out a website to cheat on his or her partner is honest enough to actually reveal where he or she lives.

O, ye of little faith.

We can speculate all we want as to why Westport — home of the best damn Little League team around — also houses so many adults looking to bang home runs outside their home park.

Ashley Madison founder & CEO Noel Biderman has a theory. Not surprisingly, it involves money.

“The proclivity to cheat often goes hand in hand with opportunity,” he says. “Those with discretionary income and freedom to travel are often the most likely to stray.”

Still, it’s not like Westport is the richest town in Connecticut. Or the #4 place in the country in terms of ability to board a plane.

So we will leave it to the experts: our “06880” readers. Please hit “Comments,” and let us know how often you cheat on your partner, and why.

And remember: Use full, real names, please!