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Lynsey Addario, Tyler Hicks On Anderson Cooper, NPR

One of the most extensive interviews with Lynsey Addario and Tyler Hicks took place last night on Anderson Cooper’s “360” show. The CNN journalist interviewed the Westport natives — both New York Times photographersand their 2 reporter colleagues.  All were held in captivity for a week in Libya.

Lynsey and Tyler described the initial chaos of a “no-win” situation, and their certainty that they would be killed by pro-Gaddafi forces.  “Once we got on our stomachs, we thought it was all over,” Tyler said.

Lynsey described being constantly groped — the first time that happened to her in 11 years covering the Muslim world.

A soldier caressed her hair and face in a “sick, tender way,” she said.  All the while he was proclaiming in Arabic, “You will die tonight.”

The Anderson Cooper interviewed lasted nearly an hour.  Only 10 minutes were shown last night.  More will be shown tonight (10 p.m., CNN) and next week.  Other material is available on his website.

Lynsey was also heard this morning on NPR’s “Morning Edition.”  It was an extensive interview.  She spoke of the effects of captivity on her family:

I think the hardest part of this job is what you do to the people who love you.  When something like this happens to me, I can get through it. But it’s traumatic for my parents, for my husband, for my sisters.

As for the future, Lynsey said:

I believe very strongly that the world needs to see what’s happening.  I will try as best as I know how to be cautious, and to not let this happen again.  But am I going to stop being a photojournalist? No.

Click here to listen, and here to read about the interview on NPR.org.