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Drew Angus Earns A Golden Ticket

Music was always part of Drew Angus’ life.

From Mary Ann Hall’s Music for Children, through musicals at Coleytown, Bedford and Staples (Class of 2007), to the bands he’s played in and the record label he ran at Hartwick College, Drew has immersed himself in sound.

But after college, he says, “I lost my musical focus.” He spent a year managing a YouTube viral artist. Ultimately, he realized, he wanted to be on stage — not behind the scenes.

In the past 2 years he’s played over 150 gigs. Drew does it all: concerts, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs. In November he appeared at the FTC Warehouse (with, among others, Anders Osborne).

Drew angus logo

Drew also made the Top 10 of Boston’s “Community Auditions” TV show — a 4-decade-old forerunner of “American Idol.”

Speaking of which…

Last summer, Drew was invited to an “American Idol” audition in Philadelphia. He roared through 3 rounds of auditions — then was asked to return, to perform in front of real-live judges.

It was another all-day affair. But singing in front of Harry, JLo and Keith was amazing.

Drew’s 1st song was “I’m Ready.” Harry said he’s buddies with singer/ songwriter Anders Osborne.

The judges liked Drew’s voice. JLo asked for another tune. He quickly tuned his guitar out of double drop  D — without a tuner. Impressed, Harry said, “You’ve got good ears, man!”

Drew played the 1st 2 verses of “Dock of the Bay.” Keith stopped him, and asked why he chose the song. JLo glared at Keith and said, “’cause he can sing!”

Drew got 3 “yeses,” and walked out — with a golden ticket to Hollywood!

Drew Angus with his parents -- and his golden ticket.

Drew Angus with his parents — and his golden ticket.

“Being validated by 3 industry veterans and the producers was incredible,” Drew says.

“Idol” did not air Drew’s audition last week, when Philly was up. But he saw himself on TV, with his golden ticket.

Talk about a great screen shot!

Talk about a great screen shot!

“Reality TV is not just what you see on TV,” he notes. “There are a lot of amazing people who never get air time. Hopefully, you’ll see me in Hollywood next week!”

Winning “Idol” would be fantastic, Drew says. For now though, he’s taking it one performance at a time.

Tune in Wednesdays and Thursdays (Fox, 8 p.m.) to follow his journey.

(Drew Angus’ version of Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” comes out next week on iTunes and Spotify. He’s donating proceeds from the sale and streaming of the track to the charity Little Kids Rock, which provides instruments and music education to underserved children across the country. Drew performs on February 2 at the Bitter End, and March 2 at Rockwood Music Hall.)


Westport’s Newest American Idol

Millions of viewers across the US have seen Randy Jackson’s replacement on “American Idol”: Scott Borchetta.

A dozen or so oldtime Westporters probably say “hmmmm…”

Back in the day, the Post Road was filled with mom-and-pop grocery stores (think Calise’s, without the hot foods). The owners worked hard, and served their neighborhoods well.

One — near Old Road, about where the Lexus dealer and Anthropologie are now — was owned by a Mr. and Mrs. Borchetta.

Scott Borchetta

Scott Borchetta

Their son Mike graduated from Staples in 1961, then went off to California. He became a noted record promoter for labels like Capitol, RCA and Mercury.

Later Mike moved to Nashville, to start his own independent record promotion company.

Scott is Mike’s son. He was a race car driver, then founded Big Machine Records and discovered Taylor Swift.

Now he’s “American Idol”‘s house mentor. The show, of course, is all about hard-working, unknown people trying to make it big.

Sounds like 3 generations of the Borchetta family, right?

(Hat tip: Dick Alley)

Puttin’ On A Show

Sam Wilkes (guitar) and Jooey Genetti perform with Woodland Blue at the Staples talent show. Also in the band: Jeff Moss and Evan Lester.

Sam Wilkes (guitar) and Joey Genetti perform with Woodland Blue at the Staples talent show. Also in the band: Jeff Moss and Evan Lester.

It’s not “American Idol.”  It’s better.

No one was voted out of the Staples auditorium today, during the school’s 3rd annual talent show.

Sponsored by the Student Assembly, the event included rock bands , soloists, dancers, guitarists and pianists.  There was even a rapper — Element — backed by the Staples orchestra.

Kris Allen, eat your heart out.