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[UPDATES] 12-Step Members Wonder: Is My Group Canceled?

For people battling alcoholism and other addictions, 12-step programs are a lifeline.

The human connection of meeting, sharing with and finding support in other people is crucial to the day-by-day process of recovery.

Saugatuck Congregational Church and St. Luke’s Stables has not yet closed its doors to 12-step meetings. All groups are taking precautions, of course. [UPDATE: After this story was posted, word was received that St. Luke’s Stables has closed its meetings.]

If they do, getting together outdoors — keeping distance, of course — is Plan B. But even that is strongly discouraged.

Plan C is virtual meetings. Zoom licenses are available. Skype is another option. Group members should email aawestportct@gmail.co for help with technical issues.

The go-to source for meeting updates is a special Westport AA page on Facebook. Click here for information, including important phone numbers and resources.

[UPDATE] High Watch — the noted AA-based recovery center in Kent — is running 2 online meetings a day (noon and 7:30 pm). Click here for details.

For Al-Anon and Alateen groups, click here. For Narcotics Anonymous, click here.

Self-isolating can be difficult for anyone. For those with addiction issues, the peril is exponentially higher. AA members are doing all they can to provide support in these difficult times.

A 12-step meeting — before the coronavirus.