[UPDATES] 12-Step Members Wonder: Is My Group Canceled?

For people battling alcoholism and other addictions, 12-step programs are a lifeline.

The human connection of meeting, sharing with and finding support in other people is crucial to the day-by-day process of recovery.

Saugatuck Congregational Church and St. Luke’s Stables has not yet closed its doors to 12-step meetings. All groups are taking precautions, of course. [UPDATE: After this story was posted, word was received that St. Luke’s Stables has closed its meetings.]

If they do, getting together outdoors — keeping distance, of course — is Plan B. But even that is strongly discouraged.

Plan C is virtual meetings. Zoom licenses are available. Skype is another option. Group members should email aawestportct@gmail.co for help with technical issues.

The go-to source for meeting updates is a special Westport AA page on Facebook. Click here for information, including important phone numbers and resources.

[UPDATE] High Watch — the noted AA-based recovery center in Kent — is running 2 online meetings a day (noon and 7:30 pm). Click here for details.

For Al-Anon and Alateen groups, click here. For Narcotics Anonymous, click here.

Self-isolating can be difficult for anyone. For those with addiction issues, the peril is exponentially higher. AA members are doing all they can to provide support in these difficult times.

A 12-step meeting — before the coronavirus.


6 responses to “[UPDATES] 12-Step Members Wonder: Is My Group Canceled?

  1. Mary Sue Jones

    Thank you so much for posting Dan. The Stables has just closed for meetings. Your posts are incredible! Thank you for your service.

  2. Suzanne Sherman Propp

    Thank you for posting this; I have a good friend whose daughter is in AA and we were just talking about how she can possibly help her daughter if her daughter can’t help herself by going to meetings. I’ll forward it along.  On another note, I’m worried about increased Domestic Violence during this time of inordinate stress.  What can people do who are stuck in their homes with children and an abusive partner or spouse?  I have not heard anything nor do I know anyone in trouble, but it’s been haunting me for some reason.

    Suzanne Sherman Propp http://www.singdaily.com suzanne@proppmail.com 203-858-1400

    • You’re so right, Suzanne. And what about older Westporters, whose social lives revolve around the Senior Center? All those people who rely on your mom for their physical AND mental health at the Y, through her swim classes (and Patty Kondub’s), or yoga or spin class there or elsewhere? There are so many elements to this. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around it.

  3. Nan Fred Lexow

    Saint Luke’s just cancelled it as of 8pm tonight. Scary times.

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  4. Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center

    Thank you sooo mich for your post. I posted a story from the original big book (my spiritual advisor has been sober 62 years and worked with Bill W. and other founders) called Lone Endeavor about the first Los Angeles AA getting sober with the big book and God. Bill W. said it proved contactless recovery was possible. Please share with those suffering alone….recovery is amazing and #globalrecovery os happening! I love you all and you are not alone. We may not be close, but you are not alone! Call or email for help.
    Lone Endeavor