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Marilyn Monroe’s Westport T-Bird

Marilyn Monroe spent a mid-1950s summer in Westport. She rented at Old Mill Beach, if the stories are to be believed.

Not up for dispute: She bought a black 1956 Thunderbird convertible — from a dealership here in town.

Now you can own it too. According to the New York Post, it will be auctioned off in November.

Marilyn Monroe’s Thunderbird (Photo courtesy of New York Post)

Of course, it’ll cost you. The Post said bids are expected to range between $300,000 and $500,000.

Monroe owned the T-bird from 1955 to 1962 — the year she died. She and Arthur Miller drove it to their 1956 wedding.

“In recognition of the car’s important provenance, special heed was given to the retention of original parts, with most driver and passenger touch surfaces left undisturbed,” the owner said.

Think this is #fakenews? The Post notes: “Julien’s Auctions is behind its sale and reportedly has documents from the current owner proving the vehicle’s authenticity.”

(Click here for the full story. Hat tip: Rob Corona)