Marilyn Monroe’s Westport T-Bird

Marilyn Monroe spent a mid-1950s summer in Westport. She rented at Old Mill Beach, if the stories are to be believed.

Not up for dispute: She bought a black 1956 Thunderbird convertible — from a dealership here in town.

Now you can own it too. According to the New York Post, it will be auctioned off in November.

Marilyn Monroe’s Thunderbird (Photo courtesy of New York Post)

Of course, it’ll cost you. The Post said bids are expected to range between $300,000 and $500,000.

Monroe owned the T-bird from 1955 to 1962 — the year she died. She and Arthur Miller drove it to their 1956 wedding.

“In recognition of the car’s important provenance, special heed was given to the retention of original parts, with most driver and passenger touch surfaces left undisturbed,” the owner said.

Think this is #fakenews? The Post notes: “Julien’s Auctions is behind its sale and reportedly has documents from the current owner proving the vehicle’s authenticity.”

(Click here for the full story. Hat tip: Rob Corona)

13 responses to “Marilyn Monroe’s Westport T-Bird

  1. Dan, I think I’ll pass on buying her car. However, if your car ever comes up for auction, I’ll start with an opening bid of 1.2 million!!

  2. Marilyn was photographed extensively by Milton Greene who lived on Fanton Hill in Weston. Marilyn would stay at Milton’s house often. In 1956 I lived on Lyons Plain road and one day old Joe Gjuresko Sr. passed by driving his horse drawn surry down Lyons Plain road. Immediately behind him was this beautiful blonde wearing a black leather jacket riding her Harley. Yes, it was Marilyn on her way to town. I have always wished I had a camera in hand that day.

  3. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    And, I wish I had a camera in hand the day Marilyn Monroe walked into Fillow Florist on Clinton Ave to buy flowers. . I don’t remember the year. I used to love to hang out there ( We liven on Calumet Rd.) and watch Mrs. Mills ( Grover and Gail Mills mother) make corsages and floral arrangements. Marilyn was wearing a full length mink coat, jeans tolled up just above her ankles and high heels. I was totally in awe. It was probably 1955 or 56 or there about.

  4. Dan
    if we each kick in a grand💰
    it could be the official 06880 car‼️
    In your underground parking spot👍🏼👍🏼

  5. Jill Turner Odice

    My Mom sold her 57 Tbird for $500.00 ….:-(

  6. Don’t believe she rented at Old Mill Beach…she did visit an actress who rented the cottage next to the driveway to the garages one Sunday…arriving in a black convertible chauffeur driven Cadillac. My mom, Doris, a big MM fan spotted her….we waited over an hour for her to exit. She posed for photos never removing her sunglasses and drove off. This was after she made the 7 yr Itch. She was beautiful beyond words. The b and w photos we took? Alas, I lost them when I took them to show and tell back in school that following September. Bruce Salvo

  7. … that I can recall….MM never rented @ OLD MILL BEACH ….we lived there and would have known .

  8. John F. (J-period) Wandres

    My family and I got to “know” Milton Greene in an unusual way. During the week he was usually in New York, but came out to his country home in Weston, on Fanton Road, just past where Old Newtown Turnpike takes a right turn. At this time, around 1952, Fanton Road had not been pushed through. Where Greene had his house was still gravel. We lived at the foot of Fanton Road where it joins Lyons Plain Road.
    During the week usually on a Monday morning, we would be visited by three dawgs — a red setter, a springer spaniel, and a bitch spaniel. Neither we nor anyone around knew whose dogs they were. So, we named the spaniel “Colonel BoBo” because he looked so imperious. The bitch we called “Lizzie.” (Don’t recall why.) The setter became “Big Red.” On Fridays, usually, the dogs would disappear, but would return on Monday morning. My mom fed them “breakfast” of course, and The Colonel and Big Red would hold court on the front porch. By and by, other neighborhood dogs would gather on our lawn. At some secret, silent signal they would all take off for parts and purposes unknown. Magically, it seemed, “our” three dogs managed to return just in time for an evening meal!
    It wasn’t until late that summer that one of our neighbors recognized the dogs, and told us that they belonged to Milton Greene. Well, of course: if he was in the city all week, and his live-in housekeeper didn’t know where the dogs were, she had no worries about feeding them. So, one Saturday my dad loaded the dogs into the car and we returned them to Mr. Greene. He was as surprised as we were because he, also hadn’t know where his guys were during the week (and the dogs were good at keeping the free food trough a secret). The upshot of this story is that Mr. Greene gave us one of Lizzie’s litter by way of thanks for minding his mutts all that summer. We named him “Muggles.”
    So, what does this have to do with Marilyn Monroe’s black T-bird? Nothing, actually. Mr. Greene asked if I wanted to pick up a little spending money, by helping a contractor who was doing repairs to his house. I did. One Friday as we were wrapping up, a parade of automobiles with New York license plates arrived with guests for one of Greene’s weekend soirees. Greene came out and asked if I would like to come in to meet his guests. I did. As he led me around the great room, he stopped before a blonde. He turned to me: “And of course, you know Norma Jean Baker, don’t you?”