Help Find Max: Please Share This Flyer

The family and friends of Max Yeater — the missing Staples High School freshman — ask “06880” readers to share this flyer on social media with friends in New York City and Vermont.

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10 responses to “Help Find Max: Please Share This Flyer

  1. Mitchell Kornblit

    Assuming Max is traveling voluntarily, does the family have any idea where in New York he may have headed?

  2. My daughter and husband are in NYC today and will be keeping their eyes open!

  3. Why would someone traveling voluntarily to NYC leave their phone on the ground on Bayberry Lane in Westport?

    • I’d guess so that he couldn’t be tracked via his phone pinging. Though I think it is more likely that someone met him in the park and they drove off together.

      I mean, if the Police had footage from the train station of him getting on the train, they’d be releasing it to the world, right?

      • you would think 24 hours later there would be a still image of him getting on the train or information provided that he got on a train, many cameras all around the station.

  4. Just posted on FaceBook and LinkedIn. All the best to the family and friends of this young man.

  5. Hope this ends well for Max and his family.
    Curious if anybody now can repeat the two words Max supposedly uttered on the phone call from NYC to his friend?

  6. Thanks Dan. Posted. Joining in thre community prayers for the Yeater family and hoping the next update will be positive news.

  7. I don’t know this young man, but he has been in my thoughts. I hope his loved ones hear that he is safe.

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