Photo Challenge #464

I’m usually pretty good at identifying potential Photo Challenges, when photographers send them to “06880” for consideration.

But I fell into the trap Fred Cantor laid, when he emailed last week’s image.

“Ford Road!” I said, of the shallow, rock-studded river and surrounding foliage. (Click here to see.)


Fred’s shot showed Deadman Brook, as it flows into the Saugatuck River near the pedestrian bridge.

He took it from the parking lot behind the 32 Imperial Avenue medical office building.

Half of the readers made the same mistake I did. The other half — John McCarthy, Andrew Colabella, Pat Saviano, Jonathan McClure and Johanna Keyser Rossi — got it right.

Today’s Photo Challenge is on a well-traveled road. But how many of us really notice it?

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

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18 responses to “Photo Challenge #464

  1. Bus stop across from Canal Park, Kings Highway N & Canal

  2. Old Mill Beach guard,s shack.

  3. Duck Haven

  4. Duck Haven!

  5. Bus stop shelter at Kings Highway North and Canal Street

  6. canal street bus shelter built by the Westport Rotary Club around 1990

  7. Canal Road near Haven.

    And Dan BTW, I did NOT guess correctly last week. I was referring to the town lot on Imperial, not the one in the picture.

  8. Kings Highway North and Canal Street bus stop shelter

  9. That looks like the corner of Canal Street and the little road that cuts over to Main Street… Duck Haven.

  10. Michelle Vitulich

    Bus shelter by Kings Highway

  11. Thank you, Michael Calise, for supplying the year and source of the building. I vividly recall posing in the structure with Rotarians and others for the Westport News photographer. I was accorded the honor as Director of the Westport Transit District at the time.

    Thanks for the memories.

  12. Bus shelter on Saugatuck Shores

  13. Right by Wild Duck Haven…

  14. Correct — the bus shelter near “Duck Haven,” on Kings Highway North near Canal Street.

  15. Jonathan McClure

    Bus shelter on canal and kings highway

  16. Bus shelter. I remember about 20 or so years ago when the guy with the white curly hair was sort of living between there and his car.

  17. King’s highway n near canal st

  18. Kate Caputo Squyres

    The bus shelter at the corner of Kings Highway and Canal. I drive past it every morning!

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