“06880” Podcast: Andrew Colabella

Every “06880” reader knows Andrew Colabella.

His frequent comments and fine photographs add greatly to this blog. An RTM member, he’s active all over town: helping save the Sakura trees. Seeing the recent stolen vehicle police pursuit through town, and reporting on it. Helping a resident cut through red tape at the state Department of Transportation.

The other day, Andrew took a half hour out of his busy day to chat at the Westport Library. We spoke about his love for this town; why he stayed here, when so many fellow Staples High School graduates leave; his work on the Westport PAL board; is favorite spots, and his favorite people, and much more.

Click below, to learn more about one of our most interesting neighbors.

2 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Andrew Colabella

  1. an extraordinary guy, we need more leaders like Andrew, who lead with passion and a genuine love for the town 💛

  2. Rachel Halperin-Zibelman

    moved here in 2011 and it’s only in the past few years I was introduced to Andy.
    Knowing how much he loves and embraces Westport I shared with him my love for this town and how it has become such a meannigful place to me as well. I hope everyone gets to know this incredible person and his dedication to our community. His support from the the playground to the PAL reflects just how committed he is to the future of this town. It’s unwavering and we are lucky to have him in our corner.

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