Photo Challenge #457

Whenever someone asks about “hidden Westport gems” — and for some reason, they do — my go-to answer is: Sherwood Mill Pond and Compo Cove.

While perhaps not “hidden” — millions of people see the Pond from I-95 and the train — the pedestrian pathway out there sort of is.

You have to park at Old Mill, and walk there. Or ride your bike and then jump off the bridge, as thousands of kids have done for a century.

Along the way, there are 2 tidal gates. They’re the kind of high-tech successors to previous gates. They perform important environmental functions, helping the Mill Pond stay healthy and clean.

Millions of oysters, and countless crabs, harvested from the water attests to their efficiency.

Plenty of readers love that path, and quickly recognized the tidal gates — last week’s Photo Challenge. (Click here to see.)

Congratulations to Brooks Sumberg, Andrew Colabella, Diane Silfen, Molly Alger, Matt Murray, Jalna Jaeger, Beth Berkowitz, Michelle Scher Saunders and Suki Nolte.

Here’s another water-themed Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

 (Photo/Amy Schneider)

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15 responses to “Photo Challenge #457

  1. Dock behind the black duck

  2. On the dock at the Black Duck

  3. Gators behind the Duck

  4. Andrew Colabella

    Black Duck dock still standing

  5. Dock at the black duck. Petted them many times. Friendliest crocs ever!

  6. A couple strolling along next to the Westport Library looking for “The River of Names”……….a reptilian response to “urban” development.

  7. It is the Black Duck back dock. Our “06880” readers are sharp!

  8. Jonathan McClure

    Black duck dock

  9. Hmmmmm. Seems like some folks actually got to spend time looking at the dock behind the Black Duck!! So far in fifty years we only have gotten as far as the dining room and rarely the bar!!

  10. Best place for a Lobster Rueben!

  11. Dock at the Duck

  12. Longshore or Compo Beach Marina.

  13. Nathan Greenbaum

    Dock behind black duck…

  14. On the dock behind the Black Duck 

  15. The guardinans to Tom Prince’s hidey hole!

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