Unsung Hero #304

Back in 2018, following a nor’easter, Bert Porzio did something so great, he earned a “Special Edition” Unsung Hero award.

Five years later, he’s been nominated again. Art Schoeller writes:

What happens when you discover your cat 60 feet up in a tree, after he’s has been missing for cnearly two days?

My first inclination was to call the Westport Fire Department. They responded quickly, but said they could not get their equipment into a good position to do the rescue.

In researching “cat in tree” (thank you Google!), you’ll find that most fire departments do not even respond, prioritizing more demanding emergencies.

It was suggested I try a tree service. I called Tom Kashetta, who has done work for me in the past, but he was away. He recommended Bert Porzio.

Bert called right back, but said he could not leave his job site until 5 p.m. Kudos to Beth and Joe Berger who hosted me in their yard, including lunch, while observing Gandalf up in their tree.

As promised Bert came at 5. He scaled the tree, and almost got Gandalf. Halfway down the cat jumped off and went out on a very thin limb.

Bert Porzio goes — literally — out on a limb to save Gandalf.

Bert made the save. When I asked him what I owed him he said, “I did it for the sake for the cat. I have cats myself. I love them. You don’t owe me anything. Just find a way to pay it forward”.

Thanks, Bert!

Bert Porzio and Ganalf. (Photo/Art Schoeller)

PS: Gandalf is home, healthy, but with a slight gash under his eye that is healing. I’m pretty certain he had a run-in with a creature that scared him up the tree.

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11 responses to “Unsung Hero #304

  1. Bert does it again! Bert you’re hero to a lot of folks !

  2. For many years now, Bert’s always done right by us. We’re always happy to recommend his services, and reading about his generosity and kindness comes as no surprise. Great job, Bert!

  3. That’s quite the cat!

  4. Barbara Sherburne '67

    Gorgeous cat. Thank you, Bert.

  5. Celeste Champagne

    How about making Gandalf an indoor kitty? >^..^<

  6. Bert! Thank you for helping Gandalf, and thank you for your help with the Long Lots Preserve!

  7. Great story
    Bert always goes the extra mile

  8. Great story! It’s no longer safe to let our cats outside. A big raccoon killed Arthur during the day on what I would call ours a residential street (small lots). Also saw bob cats all the time….

  9. Bert is a true Westporter. Always willing to go out of his way to help people out. We’ve worked with him for years and have always been delighted with his work.

  10. Bert! Always helping.

  11. What a wonderful eye opener for wake up reading.
    Thank you Bert…I wish I knew you.

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