Unsung Hero: Special Edition

Sure, “06880” salutes Westport’s Unsung Heroes every Wednesday. But this story is so important, it can’t wait.

Like many Westporters, Lori Kosut was stricken but inspired by the story of Victoria Gouletas — the Zoning Board of Appeals member paralyzed during last week’s nor’easter, when she was struck by a large falling tree limb. (Click here for yesterday’s story, and link to GoFundMe.)

Every day since the tragedy, whenever Victoria’s husband Troy Burk returns from the hospital or their 3 kids come home from school, they see the branch. It’s a vivid and brutal reminder of how, in an instant, their family’s lives were changed.

This morning, Lori called Bert Porzio. The native Westporter owns Bert’s Tree Service. She asked if he could remove the branch that struck Victoria.

Of course, he said.

Bert Porzio, at work.

He headed right over to the Sturges Highway home.

And then he did a lot more.

Bert cleared every limb and broken tree that littered the yard.

But when Lori asked for a bill, he refused. Bert said, “It’s on me.”

Victoria and her family have a long road ahead. Fortunately, they’ll travel it with fellow Westporters like Bert Porzio.

21 responses to “Unsung Hero: Special Edition

  1. Janette Kinnally

    He is a great person. He has done a lot of unsung moments for others. Even after he has gone through his own turmoils personally. Thank you Bert! You are one amazing person.

  2. Good for you Lori and Bert! This is what life is all about-helping each other. We don’t go through life alone. God Bless Victoria and her family

  3. I know who’ll be on my “recommended” list for clients.

  4. Th best of Westport

  5. Bert and his family (and his brother Mike and his family) have a LONG history of doing the right thing for their neighbors and friends, especially when no one is looking. In addition, Bert does great work and is always a pleasure to deal with. Not only is he highly skilled in the tree business but he was one of CT’s best baseball players back in the day and went on to be an outstanding D1 catcher at Ole Miss. His brother did the same as a pitcher at Villanova and then in the MLB. Give Bert a call if you need tree work. Give Mike a call if your kids want to be great baseball or softball players (training with Mike and his team at The Clubhouse in Fairfield).

  6. Jessica Wasserman

    Bert is the Best!

  7. Bill Boyd (Staples 66)

    God bless Bert and healing prayers to Victoria and her family.

  8. That’s Bert. He’s one of Westport’s Best!

  9. Bert is the real deal – he did great tree work for us, and this story melted my heart.

  10. Michelle Cardello

    Not surprised. Bert is the best!

  11. That’s wonderful!

  12. For those who know Bert, this story is no surprise. He’s the best!

  13. most of the good people who do good deeds do not receive public recognition

  14. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    Oh my goodness. That is such a heartwarming story. I am long removed from Westport and don’t know the people involved but can only say thank you for such kindness to a family in such distress.

  15. That is precisely the Bert Porzio I know. He is hard-working, honest, fair, and most of all a good man.

  16. This moved me to tears. A resounding thank you and lots of love Bert AND to Lori…I’m so proud to be part of this community.

  17. Melissa Augeri

    I am not surprised that Bert Porzio is the light in a very tragic and dark story. He is a shining example of a genuine, kind-hearted person in our community who strives to make the world a better place for everyone. May he continue to be an example to all of us.

  18. Bert did extensive work for us the other week. He couldn’t have been more pleasant, or more professional. He has a good heart, and while this kind of story may seem unusual in today’s world, it really didn’t surprise me one bit that it was Bert who generously raised his hand. Good job Mr Porzio, in helping to bring some comfort to a family in crisis.

  19. This is the spirit that gets people through. Just hearing about it happening here is lovely. Thank you.

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