Unsung Heroes #303

This week’s Unsung Heroes selection is a no-brainer.

Less than 48 hours after Sunday’s carjacking, the Westport Police helped arrest two suspects. They also recovered the Aston Martin stolen from a Bayberry Lane garage.

Working with the Bridgeport Auto Theft Task Force (of which Westport is a member), the Connecticut State Police Violent Crime Task Force, and the Berlin and Waterbury Police Departments, a 39-year-old man and juvenile were arrested yesterday.

It took a ton of effort. Westport detectives worked tirelessly. Police Chief Foti Koskinas had “a couple of sleepless nights.”

But the job got done quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Kudos to everyone involved, from the first responders to all who worked behind the scenes. You truly do “serve and protect.”

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4 responses to “Unsung Heroes #303

  1. I just hope the the DA’s office and local presecutors who are charging these individuals with this carjacking/ armed assault will charge and get a serious conviction and just punisment for this crime.
    This was obviously a car theft ring and the participants and criminLs who carryied it out need serious follow through prosecution irtespective of the ages of the individials as this was a violent crime. If some are juvdniles, then the parents merd yo face consequences for the criminal acts of their children.
    If these criminals get off from the courts and ptosecutors these car jackings and violence will continue ” DO THE CRIME, DO THE TOME!

  2. Let’s hope these juveniles don’t just get a slap on the wrist for this violent crime. Everyone needs to be more vigilant and be aware of their surroundings. Don’t leave your keys in the car and secure your home. These felons consider our Westport Town as easy pickings and it will happen again if the se criminals don’t see the inside of a cell.

    • Don’t leave your keys in the car? Should I keep my keys in the house while I’m driving the car too? This clearly is not the problem anymore.

  3. Those people who advocated for defunding the police and “raise the age” laws can feel some of the responsibility.
    When liberal laws like these are enacted what do we expect will happen. I also agree that parents should have some accountability here. 16 years old and car jacking people threaten with a gun is out of control. No consequences…no lessons learned.

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