Roundup: Voters’ Guide, Tech Talk, PBS NewsHour …

Westport’s League of Women Voters will once again provide a digital-only “Candidates’ Guide” to November’s election.

They have begun seeking responses about local issues. It is expected to be ready in mid-October.


Tech talk, investment opportunities, entrepreneurial ideas and networking were all important parts of last night’s second Startup Westport meeting, at the Westport Library.

Dan O’Keefe — Connecticut’s chief innovation officer — discussed his work, and the opportunities available in the state. He was a late replacement for Dan Bikel, the Westporter and a key member of the AI community at Meta, who was diagnosed with COVID this week.

Click here for more information about Startup Westport, whose mission is to make Westport an innovation hub.

From left: Police Chief Foti Koskinas, Cliff Sirlin, Jay Norris, Connecticut chief innovation officer Dan O’Keefe, 1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker, Stefano Pacifico, Peter Propp. All except O’Keefe are Startup Westport team leaders.


Last night’s “PBS NewsHour” featured an in-depth look at the problems facing regional theaters around the US.

After beginning with Long Wharf — which has abandoned its home for several pop-up venues — the story pivoted “less than an hour south,” to the Westport Country Playhouse.

Incoming artistic director Mark Shanahan discussed the struggles facing regional theaters, while acting managing director Beth Huisking spoke about the future.

Shanahan added: “The theater is all about problems and problem-solving. It always is. What play are we going to do? Who’s going to be in it? Who’s going to light it? Who’s going to do the set? How are we going to tell people it’s out there? Who’s going to pay for it? What time of year are we doing it?

“How are we going to make any of this happen? Why are we ever surprised that there are problems? We just have a new set of problems, and sometimes a growing set of problems, and we have to figure out how to solve them.”

Click here to view the entire segment. (Hat tips: Dick Lowenstein and Dennis Jackson).

Screenshot of Beth Huisking and Mark Shanahan last night.


The Public Works Department’s fall paving program begins Monday (September 18). It runs through the end of October.

The following roads will be paved, though not in this order:

  • Hiawatha Lane
  • Ferry Lane West
  • Indian Hill Road
  • West End Avenue
  • Davenport Avenue
  • Beachside Avenue
  • Prospect Road
  • Lamplight Lane
  • Iris Lane
  • Blue Ribbon Drive
  • Hazelnut Road
  • Northfield Drive
  • Riverfield Drive (south)
  • Bayberry Lane (north of Easton Road)
  • Gray’s Farm Road

Questions? Call 203-341-1120.


Bob Weingarten writes: “Years ago the Post Office changed all the outdoor mailboxes in Westport to provide only a small slot, big enough for envelopes, replacing a box with a door mechanism.

“Yesterday I posted a letter in the mailbox between UPS and Westport Hardware, at 606 Post Road East. There was some resistance, so I pushed it in. I felt the bottom of the slot entry. It was sticky, like some sort of adhesive was on the bottom rim. Perhaps someone placed adhesive in the slot to catcher letters, so they could retrieve them later.

“I asked at the UPS store about that. They said they informed the Post Office about the issue last week, but nothing was done about it. I called the phone number on the box to report it, but a recording said the phone was not in service.

“I wante to warn people to check the slot on outdoor boxes before placing letters in it. If it is sticky, do not use it.”

Mailbox outside the UPS Store. (Photo/Bob Weingarten)


As Westport River Gallery on 1 Riverside Avenue celebrates its 20th anniversary in Westport, they feature a new collection by Dominique Dorie, from the Provence region of France. Click here for details.

“Fragrant French Lavender” (Dominique Dorie)


What better way to end the week than by this very cool “Westport … Naturally” photo of Connecticut’s official state insect, a praying mantis:

(Photo/Pippa Bell Ader)


And finally … on this day in 1969, before taking the stage with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young at California’s Big Sur Folk Festival, Stephen Stills got in a fistfight with a heckler railing them for their profligate lifestyle.

The festival was raising funds for Joan Baez’ Institute for ghe Study of Nonviolence.

NOTE: The official video for this song was created by Westporter Jeff Scher.

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  1. Thanks for the warning re Mailboxes Bob. I was not happy (but also not surprised) to hear of the Post Office’s lack of response. Unfortunately many of their employees operate under the “That’s not my job”principle.

    • UPS store employees have nothing to do with USPS

      One needs to properly contact USPS.

      I have submitted tickets to them and they all get tended to, I would suggest someone report it via the proper mechanism (and yes stinks the phone # was out of service, I’d include a sentence about that too)

  2. How to contact League of Women Voters, (asking for a woman and a voter),

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