Pics Of The Day #2311

Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve … (Photo/Bobbi Essagof)

… with an oyster boat and apparatus … (Photo/Karen Como)

… and reflections of the Mill Pond clouds (Photo/Michael Friedland)

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #2311

  1. Three curious pictures and I like them all. The first photo has nice colors and different distances. The person on the bench makes me think there’s a story being told. The second photo is also curious but mainly because I don’t know what’s happening. The boat is moving but the dock or barge or whatever it is, is not. And the people aboard are very still. The third photo is nicely spaced – and it looks like you could walk on the clouds – if you could walk on water.

  2. Peter, Such an eloquent observation. Thanks for sharing

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