Photo Challenge #447

For a hidden gem, Haskins Preserve is pretty popular.

The 16-acre spot on Green Acre Lane — a quiet street off Compo Road South — is among the Aspetuck Land Trust’s least-known properties.

But it’s clear that some Westporters are in on the secret.

With woods, meadows, 2 ponds, dams, a spectacular assortment of rare trees — and a very intriguing history — it lures those in the know to its tiny parking lot.

Click here to learn about Haskins’ fascinating back story. Click here to see a photo.

That image by Mark Mathias was last week’s Photo Challenge.

Several readers thought it showed Newman-Poses Preserve, Winslow Park, the Lillian Wadsworth Arboretum, Ford Road, Grace Salmon Park or the Westport Community Garden.

While those were good guesses — and a timely reminder of the beauty that surrounds us here every day — the correct answer came from 15 readers.

Congratulations to Mike Ray, Robert Mitchell, Ivy Gosseen, Fred Cantor, Diane Bosch, Kris Nash, Dan Vener, Edward Bonham, Micil Ryan, Andrew Colabella, Jonathan McClure, Werner Liepolt, Laurie Sorensen, Seth Schachter and Michael Calise.

But ssshhhh — don’t tell anyone else about it!

This week’s Photo Challenge is below. If you know where in Westport you’d see it, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)


15 responses to “Photo Challenge #447

  1. Top of National Hall?

  2. Top of the old Fairfield Furniture building, on Post Road East just east of Wilton Road

  3. National Hall

  4. Alicia Kronick

    Compo Beach Pavilion

  5. Andrew Colabella

    National Hall, next to where Ye Olde Bridge Grill was. The Fairfield Furniture Building.

  6. Top of National Hall.

  7. Jonathan McClure

    Top of national hall, side facing Saugatuck River

  8. The attic window of the old Fairfield Furniture store (I think this is the window that faces the Saugatuck river basin).

  9. John D McCarthy

    OK, I will be the contrarian, The Saugatuck on Bridge St (my old elementary school)

  10. Yes, it’s National Hall — aka (for years) as the Fairfield Furniture building. It’s just over the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge on the right, facing the river as you head toward Norwalk.

  11. Seth Braunstein

    West bank of the Saugatuck, just across the Ruth bridge above the old now empty restaurant site

  12. Kenny Gilbertie

    Former National Hall/Fairfield Furniture building.

  13. Top of 2 Post Rd West on the bridge

  14. Michael Calise

    Well, there you go. I pass it multiple times a day every day and I didn’t recognize it. a little lower shot showing the arched windows below would have awakened my fuzzy brain and probably a few hundred others! But of course, that’s what makes Dans Sunday
    quiz so intriguing!

  15. Clark Thiemann

    Top of National Hall!

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