Photo Challenge #446

Last week’s Photo Challenge may have been the easiest ever.

A week before Bastille Day, the photo of 2 Citroëns was — bien sûr! — in front of Westport’s favorite (and only) French restaurant, Rive Bistro. (Click here to see.)

Clearly, it’s also a very popular spot. Félicitations to the more than 3 dozen readers who quick responded correctly:

Fred Cantor, John McCarthy, James McKay, Morgan Smith, Luke Garvey, Ferdinand Jahnel, Jeff Jacobs, Lois Himes, Paul Quinsee, Scott Broder, Andrew Colabella, Susan Yules, Ian Overton, Ed Simek, Susan Moran, Jonathan McClure, Barry Cass, Seth Braunstein, Judith Marks-White, Jack Krayson, Karen Como, Ken Stamm, Robin Jaffee Frank, Tom Feeley, Amy Schneider, Howard Edelstein, Marjolijn Baxendale, Sally Cadoux, Beth Berkowitz, Peter Powell, Steve Stein, Audrey Fox and Laurie Sorensen.

This week’s Photo Challenge is more difficult.

Then again, any one would be.

(Photo/Mark Mathias)

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

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29 responses to “Photo Challenge #446

  1. Kenny Gilbertie

    Newman’s preserve.

  2. Haskins Preserve

  3. Gloria Gouveia

    Winslow Park

  4. Robert Mitchell

    Haskins Preserve

  5. Kenny Gilbertie

    Newman’s preserve

  6. Haskins preserve

  7. Haskins park

  8. Andrew Colabella

    Newman’s Preserve

  9. Caryl & Edna Haskin’s Preserve, part of the Aspetuck Land Trust off Compo Rd South.

  10. Haskins Preserve

  11. Haskins.

  12. Haskins Preserve

  13. The pond at Haskins Preserve

  14. Andrew Colabella

    Answer change: Haskins preserve

  15. Seth Braunstein

    Lilian Wadsworth atheneum

  16. Jonathan McClure

    Tricky one…I’m going with Haskin’s preserve

  17. Werner Liepolt

    Greenacre pond (in Haskins Preserve)

  18. Laurie Sorensen

    Haskins Preserve

  19. Lucy Kiermaier

    Ford Road near old embalming factory.

  20. Seth Schachter

    My guess…..Haskins Preserve

  21. Michelle & Steven Saunders

    Newman’s Preserve

  22. Amy Schneider

    Winslow Park. Yesterday’s Pic of Day?

  23. Very interesting variety of answers. The correct one is …

    … Haskins Preserve. It’s a little-known gem on Green Acre Lane, off South Compo.

    Here’s the back story:

    And isn’t it cool we have so many beautiful spots to choose from?

  24. Johanna Keyser Rossi

    Grace K. Salman park ?

  25. Jonathan Alloy

    Nomad on Main St would like a word about French restaurants in town.

  26. Michael Calise

    has to be Haskins

  27. winslow park?

  28. Westport Community Garden

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