Roundup: Beached Yacht, Westport Playhouse, Little League …

This yacht ran aground right off the (well-marked) channel by Cedar Point Yacht Club.

(Photo/Gabriela Hayes)

It was a popular photo opp this weekend.


“Dial M for Murder” is killing it.

The final show of the Westport Country Playhouse season is drawing large crowds.

So large, that the Playhouse is adding another performance. It’s Sunday, July 30 (3 p.m.). Click here for tickets, and more information.

Taking bows at the Playhouse (from left): Kate Abbruzzese, Krystal Lucas, Patrick Andrews, Kate Burton, Denver Milord. (Photo/Dave Matlow)


What a finish!

Toby Slavin’s 2-out, bases loaded grand slam helped the Westport 12U Little League team win the district title yesterday.

They beat a very tough Fairfield National squad, 6-2 in 9 innings (regulation is 6).

And they did it even though the home team had a runner on 2nd with no outs in all 3 extra innings.

Oh, yeah: After his grand slam, Toby pitched his 2nd straight scoreless inning, to secure the win.

This is their third straight district championship, after winning at U-10 and U-11 . But it’s the first 12U district title for Westport since 2013, and only the third 12U title since 1957.

The sectional tourney — the next stop on the road to the Little League World Series in Williamsport — is tomorrow (Monday), 5:45 p.m. at Unity Park in Trumbull.

Congratulations to players Henry Ellis, Chase Landgraf, Toby Slavin, Grant Theisinger, Evan Sealove, Nolan Walters, Christopher Lambert, Luke Moneyhon, Jack McGrathm Torrey Rossetter, Miles Delorier and Justin Goldshore, and coaches Jonathon Ellis, Justin Walters, Marc Theisinger and Thomas Whelan.

District champs!


Rachel Doran — the 2015 Staples High School graduate who died just before her senior year at Cornell University after a rare reaction to common medication — will be honored on August 12.

Cornell Human Ecology will remember her contributions to the campus through her “intellect, creativity, warmth and sense of humor.”

Her legacy will be recognized through the naming of an exhibit space in the Human Ecology Building, where she developed her talents as a curator.

Rachel Doran, at Cornell University.


Johanna Keyser Rossi is a frequent contributor to “Westport … Naturally.” With images like these, it’s easy to see why.

(Photo/Johanna Keyser Rossi)


And finally … today in 1941, Joe DiMaggio hit safely in his 56th consecutive game. More than 80 years later, it remains a Major League record.

(Where have you gone, Mrs. Robinson? We need you to help support “06880”! Please click here — and thank you!)


11 responses to “Roundup: Beached Yacht, Westport Playhouse, Little League …

  1. Great song and video‼️
    Thanks 🙏

  2. Eric “Patron of the Arts” Buchroeder (SHS Orphenian)

    So does this mean the Give us $2MM by 7/31/2023 or we shoot this dog” deal is no longer necessary?

  3. Andy Gheewalla

    Why assume the boat ran aground? Perhaps it broke off its mooring or anchor? A well marked channel comment is irrelevant unless you know the facts.

    • The boat was motoring, but I’m a local boater and I would not say that channel is well marked. Saugatuck Harbor is very shallow and filled with unmarked rocks and sandbars.

      • joshua stein

        channel is well marked and accurately charted. side note: further from the scene of this boat aground, given how things are filling in, i would say its getting too shallow if you hug the red markers along the mooring field headed up river between the clubs. the reds may need to be moved in closer and potentially a row of moorings eliminated or moorings moved into shallower water towards land. otherwise dont be surprised when large boats are hugging the mooring field and not towards the side where the reds are. and another side note: blocking the federal navigation channel fishing is downright rude, dangerous, and breaks regulations. final side note: driving your boat turning around facing backwards chatting with your passengers and almost causing a head-on collision is rude, dangerous, and not maintaining an active watch.

    • The boat was underway..The channel is marked and the appropriate buoys are in the correct positions. This was a case of a funewgy that did not PFA…and he missed the 90 degree turn at CPYC entrance.

  4. Bases loaded grand slam? Ugh. From the department of redunancy department. All grand slams are with the bases loaded!!!!

  5. Bases loaded grand slam? Ugh. From the department of redundancy department. Also grand slams are with the bases loaded!!!

  6. Absolutely correct, Bob. My apologies. But speaking of redundancy, why did you post the same comment twice?

  7. Susan Iseman

    Just saw Dial M – it was terrific!!! Must see people.

  8. Josh Peacock

    Assuming the Playhouse doesn’t reach their ludicrous $2M goal (sponsor a crosswalk), are there plans for a tag sale? I’d be interested in purchasing an individual seat once they’re removed. Of course only if it’s tax deductible.

    Don’t let the curtain fall on your butt on the way out!