Ryan Peterson’s “Westport Wave”

The last time we checked in with Ryan Peterson, he had just helped Jane Green turn her dream of a free (and free-wheeling) book lending library into reality.

The 2018 Staples High School graduate rebuilt the internationally best-selling author’s cargo tricycle into the Remarkable Bookcycle.

For the past 4 years, the 3-wheeled contraption — painted pink like Westport’s late, lamented Remarkable Book Shop, and with the beloved store’s “dancing man” logo on the side — has traveled around town.

It’s been parked on Main Street and Church Lane. It will spend this summer at Compo Beach, near the Soundview parking lot.

(Photo/Judith Shaw)

Now Ryan — who graduated last year from Fairfield University — has a new project.

This one’s on water, not land.

Ryan created “Westport Wave,” a Facebook group for boat owners (and anyone else who wishes they were).

It’s a place to post photos, ask questions, and share information. Think yacht club, without the dues.

Ryan has been a Long Island Sound boater, with friends and family, since he was 7.

He loves the water. “Boating opens the door to activities like fishing and water sports,” he says.

“But it also provides what I call a ‘mental factory reset.'”

He is involved with boats even when he’s not on the Sound. As with the Bookcycle, he brings life to older vessels.

In college he bought a 1979 McKee Craft Center Console, then spent 2 years restoring it. The project helped him realize the importance of sharing his passion — and knowledge — with others.

Westport Wave has started slowly. There are 70 members, but besides a few postings for things like free fenders, a referral for a marina mechanic who makes “house calls” — and someone selling a 1979 Viking 35c convertible for $65,000 — there is not much action.


That’s fine. Every boat owner knows they must navigate the channel slowly and carefully.

But once they get out on the open water — well, the sky’s the limit.

(To join Westport Wave, click here. Owners of all size boats — and those who simply enjoy boating — are welcome.)

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2 responses to “Ryan Peterson’s “Westport Wave”

  1. Rindy Higgins

    You rock, Ryan! You’re a super nice and incredibly well rounded guy…in addition to all Dan recounts, you’re a musician and handyman who did a great job realigning my kitchen cabinets!

  2. Jane Pimentel

    Love Westport Wave- those fenders were snatched quickly!

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