Photo Challenge #443

Burying Hill is Westport’s often-forgotten beach. Small but significant (near the town’s first settlement), it’s got plenty of devoted followers.

And they know their beach well.

Nearly 2 dozen “06880” readers quickly identified last week’s fairly obscure Photo Challenge — a tree stump “growing” out of concrete — as being located on the left side of the Burying Hill entrance road. (Click here to see.)

Bob Grant, Suzanne Warner Raboy, Michael Calise, Dave Eason, Jonathan McClure, Seth Schachter, Catherine Ryan, Andrew Colabella, Ed Simek, Clyde Wauchope, Ralph Balducci, Martha Witte, Dick Alley, Mary Ann Batsell, Adam Starr and Wynne Bohonnon all knew exactly where it was.

But no one mentioned a word how it got there.

Last week’s Photo Challenge got us in a shoreline mood. If you know where in Westport you’d find this scene , click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Rich Stein)

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19 responses to “Photo Challenge #443

  1. Off of Parker-Harding?

  2. Gloria Gouveia

    Saugatuck Shores?

  3. On the Saugatuck River, east side, opposite the Whelk?

  4. John McCarthy

    Parker Harding. The site of a planned $6 million boondoggle.

  5. Jalna Jaeger

    Beachside Ave, we used to call it Clarks beach. I would ride my bike there and swim.

  6. Andrew Colabella

    Parker Harding Wooden Walkway to Saugatuck River outlook.

  7. Johanna Keyser Rossi

    Behind the Northeast Medical Group Family Medicine on river side Ave ?

  8. The sign is on a path that runs around Deadman Brook, between the Levitt Pavillion and municipal parking (drive-in; farmers mkt). There are a few nice benches on the path!

  9. Susan Iseman

    Across from the Back Duck on the river?

  10. Linda Vita Velez


  11. Different background but there is oddly one in front of Ed Mitchell’s

  12. An amazing array of answers. All are possible. But so far only Johanna Keyser Rossi has gotten it right. It’s on the riverwalk behind the medical offices on Riverside Avenue, just north of the Riverside/Saugatuck Avenue fork.

  13. Robert Mitchell

    Riverside Avenue, doctor’s complex

  14. Richard Hyman

    Behind Parker Harding parking lot, leading to the river.

  15. Todd Ehrlich

    Parker Harding bridge to nowhere.

  16. Beth Berkowitz

    Behind the buildings alone the river on Riverside Avenue. There is a medical complex of buildings including Village Pediatric!

  17. Alicia M. Mozian

    Behind former MCA building on Riverside.