“06880 On The Go”: Westport Trivia

Colin Morgeson completed his “06880” internship in fine style this week.

The Staples High School senior — well, he graduated Tuesday — scoured Westport for contestants to play a local trivia game.

What he found may surprise you. It surprised him, for sure.

There are 2 twists at the end. One involves the answer to a question.

The other … well, click below.

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7 responses to ““06880 On The Go”: Westport Trivia

  1. Is this going to become some kind of battle? Isn’t this picture accurate?


    • Fred Cantor

      Those of us who grew up on Easton Road knew the answer to that😐; there is no dispute.

  2. Better picture:

  3. Thank you, Evan! Here’s my mea culpa: https://06880danwoog.com/2023/06/17/time-to-eat-crow/

  4. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    “Westport Trivia” WTF????
    Were you guys asleep when Gerry Kuroghlian (my favorite SHS English teacher) taught us to avoid redundancy in written communication?

  5. Vanessa Bradford

    Dan, You are a hoot!🤣

  6. Joyce Barnhart

    Compo comes from the Native American (Pequot. maybe?) word “compaug” meaning bears’ fishing ground. For many years the telephone number for the former Westport Historical Society was the easily remembered and appropriate (203) 227-1835. That is, until some brilliant somebody decided it should be changed to something with no meaning or historical connection.