Westport Shows Its Pride

Rainbows were everywhere yesterday.

On flags, pins, buttons. flyers, hats — wherever rainbows could be, they were there.

Westport Representative Town meeting member Harris Falk (left) and State Representative Jonathan Steinberg. 

Westport’s 3rd annual Pride celebration drew over 250 people to Jesup Green. 

Older folks, teenagers, toddlers; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, non-binary — and plenty of allies — gathered to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.


(Photo/Jerri Graham Photography)

There were speeches and proclamation; music and balloons and nail-painting; information booths on everything from healthcare to starting a family.

Most of all, there was fun in the (wind and) sun. Congratulations to Westport Pride, for bringing Westport together. 

(Photo/Bethany Eppner)

Happy Pride!

St. Luke’s School student (and Westport resident) Charlie Lukens gave a powerful speech about his coming out process. The lacrosse player gave shout-outs to his very supportive family and friends … 

… as they listened intently and proudly.

Rev. Alison Patton of Saugatuck Congregational Church welcomed the crowd.

Nails were painted …

… 11-year-old Owen Hill turned balloons into hearts …

… Girl Scouts hoist the Pride flag … (Photo/Jerri Graham Photography)

… and students came out in force.

Dr. Nikki Gorman, co-sponsor of the rainbow crosswalk at nearby Jesup Road, and friend. (Photo/Jerri Graham Photography)

Pride onesie (Photo/Jerri Graham Photography)

Jonathan Alloy officiated at a wedding! (Contributed photo)

The day was filled with music. (Photo/Jerri Graham Photography)

(Photo/Jerri Graham Photography)


(Photo/Jerri Graham Photography)

Selectwomen Andrea Moore and Candice Savin offer greetings. (Photo/Jerri Graham Photography)

State Representative Dominique Johnson offered official greetings.

Jamie Matchotka spoke about being a trans man in Westport.

Love is love. (Photo/Jerri Graham Photography)

Westport Pride founder and MC Brian McGunagle shared the stage with his son. (All photos/Dan Woog unless otherwise noted.)

12 responses to “Westport Shows Its Pride

  1. Lori Levine van Arsdale

    You can complain about the traffic and some select (ahem) entitled folks … but there is a lot to be said for how inclusive Westport is as a town. This makes me very proud to have a home here! Well done Westport! Thank you for the report Dan!

  2. Ellen Dale Naftalin

    “Live, Love and Let Love”…Percy Mayfield’s philosophy of life.

  3. T.Jendrock

    A beautiful community in Westport! 🌈

  4. Tracy A Flood


  5. Carl Addison Swanson

    Super photos. Jonathan Steinberg for First Selectperson!!!!

  6. Erika Kent

    Freak show !.

  7. Why would anyone complain about traffic or bad drivers if they live in a town that’s as supportive of being who you are as is Westport. What a really uplifting post is this report. Thanks.

  8. Jessica Becker

    Sometimes a rainbow is just a rainbow. No need for this.