“06880 On The Go”: The Worst Intersections In Westport

“06880” intern Colin Morgeson returns with the 2nd installment of “06880 On The Go.”

Today, the Staples High School senior offers an in-depth look at the worst intersections in Westport.

Colin crowd sources the data, then comes up with the winner. A dubious honor, indeed.

Click below to see. And buckle up!

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20 responses to ““06880 On The Go”: The Worst Intersections In Westport

  1. That’s great but I disagree. The worst intersection is the Post Rd – Rt 33 intersection. Everything about it is stupid and frustrating. The most dangerous intersection is Roseville – Cross Highway or for that matter any one where you have to make a left or right at a dead end such as Turkey Hill – Long Lots. Cars speed up to ensure that you can’t make the turns. It’s just horrific.

    • Stephanie Frankel

      Longs lots, Hyde, and High Point Rd!!!!
      So many accidents and near misses! Nobody stops! Everyone speeds! And this is a school zone!
      Where are the cops? So incredibly dangerous!

  2. Bobbie Herman

    I’d like to enter the intersection at N/S Bulkley and the Post Road. The north and south roads are not aligned , so that when the light changes, cars crossing the Post Road, or turning, have to play “Chicken.” It looks like they’re doing some sort of construction there, so maybe they’re fixing it. It’s not as heavily-traveled as some of the nominees, but it’s certainly as dangerous!

    • That’s exactly what’s going on there. The intersection will be improved — much as Compo Road North/Main Street/Clinton Avenue was a few years ago.

  3. India van voorhees

    I had to laugh … although it isn’t funny.

    I, too, will do whatever it takes to never drive that Weston Rd/Main St intersection to and from the Merritt.

    AND I will do whatever it takes to never have to turn left onto the Post Road from either direction on Roseville/Hillspoint. This one is so bad that when I first moved here and was looking at houses to buy, there was one in this area that I LOVED, but refused to even contemplate it because I would have had to deal with this intersection daily.

    I will say this: I lived in the Los Angeles area for a couple of decades and I felt safer driving there than I do here in Westport. I’m not exaggerating.

  4. Stephanie Bass

    When i lived in NYC i thought I would die being hit by a cab( even went to Israel to help the ‘73 War with no fear as i knew my destiny).

    Now i know my fate awaits me in the Trader Joe’s parking lot.


    5 cars can be behind them; 4 more with their asses on the Post Road waiting to get in; children not holding mommy or nanny hands; me with snow white hair and I actually had a cane for 3 months when i broke my leg: FRONT ROWERS DON’T CARE!!!

    If i do go that ways, can everyone put flowers on my final resting place? Thank you in advance.

    PS: Colin, be very careful out there. Also think about a political career. We need more smart good people.

  5. Mark Yurkiw

    It’s the driving not the intersection. Yeah,there are better and worse intersections but it’s the drivers not only that don’t follow the rules they had to learn to get thier license they simply don’t pay enough attention. I was just in Katmandu where there doesn’t seem to be any driving rules i could discern, mind numbing chaos, but there doesn’t seem to be many acidents either. Why, they pay attention.

  6. Jamie Walsh

    Wait until they close Parker Harding access road….things are only goi g to get exponentially worse.

  7. Morley Boyd

    I know this is a serious topic but I have to admit that I almost fell over laughing at the video. Colin’s expression in the final bit is just priceless. I have a feeling he could sell coal to New Castle. We may be slowly drowning in automotive misery with no way out but at least we can enjoy a bit of gallows humor. Thanks for that and keep up the fabulous work!

  8. Mickey Herbst

    And now tell me how self driving cars are going to be able to negotiate this chaos. I expect they will be paralyzed and simply refuse to move like petulant 2 year olds.

  9. Cathy Barnett

    I think Colin left out Saugatuck, another bottleneck for sure. My most unfavorable Westport intersection is where Jesup Rd meets the Post Road. While many cars run red lights, others get stuck in the middle of the intersection completely ignoring the rule to stop before the red light and keeping intersection clear SO cars trying to turn left onto Post Road is impossible. Difficult too is the traffic on Parker Harding turning right or aiming straight across the PR making left hand turns from Jesup impossible. Also frustrating is trying to nose into the right lane after making left turn. Also impossible when no car will let you into the right lane from the left lane and that forces one to make a left hand turn onto Riverside Ave when you want to go straight up PRW. Anyone else have this problem??

  10. I lived on Roseville Road for 20+ years and its bad, but it’s not the worst…the worst, by far, is the intersection of the Post Road and Wilton Rd/Saugatuck Avenue…people heading into town from the Norwalk side always cheat and pull into the straight lane and trying to make the left onto Saugatuck Ave from the Post Road is very challenging! Just my 2 cents!

  11. Wendy Batteau

    Another nominee: Try to drive on North Avenue, Coleytown Rd, a
    or Easton Road anytime around school dropoffs and pickups. Actually, don’t try it. Don’t even think about it.

  12. Whoops meant Riverside Avenue not Saugatuck Road…and one of the best suggestions ever made a while back on the 06880 was to “simply honor the yellow lights” to avoid problems…this would be such a great gift to the traffic issues around town!

  13. Susan Iseman

    Great Job, Colin ( I love the soundtrack.) We all have our opinions of the worst intersections, but as I am reading this, I am becoming increasingly alarmed that there are so many. Why isn’t Jennifer Tooker responding? Surely, she is out and about in town, what with all the smiling she does at all the store openings and pizza tastings, surely she is experiencing the dangers and delays residents and visitors experience daily.

  14. Amanda Gelber

    Because I live in the red coat area, I personally think the intersection of Post Road and Riverside (next to Bar Taco) is honestly appalling. I cannot understand for the life of me, why the town cannot have a left arrow turn like they do when you turn left from post road on to Wilton road. There is also NEVER a time where a driver going straight, as anyone is trying to turn left, does not run a red light!.

  15. The worst intersection is the intersection of Post Road with Wilton Road after you pass by Bartaco. The traffic lights do not help with the traffic. You need to develop special skills to turn left from Wilton Road to Post road while the light is green and there is traffic coming to you and you have already waited there for 10 minutes already.
    The intersection of Roseville and Post Road is another story. If you are leaving Sakura (the restaurant), you are in the middle of “what will I do now?” zone.

  16. Richard Ross

    Any road that can be traveled between the Mertitt and 95.

    Waze is driving traffic through otherwise low traffic neighborhoods. We live off Old Hill and couldn’t get out of our street the other day. People come through in a rush and with highway attitudes.

  17. Marion Sherman Howard

    Agree with nominating Bulkley at the Post Road. The current construction project may help a bit (we will see in the long run though at the moment the construction has temporarily made things worse) but the misalignment with Bulkley South couldn’t be solved with this project so I have doubts it will be significantly improved because that would require changes in the south side as well and I can’t imagine that will happen. There is a reason there have been deaths at this intersection and I don’t really expect it will be rendered much safer after the current inconvenience. Hope I am wrong but…..