Roundup: Easter Sunrise, Real Estate, Rotary …

Happy Easter!

Nearly 100 worshipers greeted the sunrise with a beautiful service at Compo Beach.

Green’s Farms, Saugatuck and Norfield Congregational, and the United Methodist Church of Westport and Weston, joined in the celebration.

(Photo and hat tip/Dale Najarian)

(Photo//Saugatuck Church)


A few real estate statistics from March:

  • Unit sales: 18 (down 47% from March 2022)
  • Median sales price: $2,011,000 (down 19%)
  • Median sales price per square foot: $509 (up 5%)
  • Inventory: 93 (down 5%)
  • Days on market: 105 (up 91%)

56% of the properties sold within 90 days of listing.

And 78% sold for at least 95% of the listing price. (Hat tip: Meredith Cohen)

The most expensive home on the market is this 11,000-square foot, 6-bedroom, 7 1/2-bath property on 3.45 acres on Charcoal Hill Road. It is listed for $12.5 million.


Good Friday was a great one, for members of the Westport Rotary Club and Bridgeport families striving to become homeowners.

Rotarians participated in a service day with Habitat for Humanity. They hammered, sawed, and helped their neighbors realize dreams.

Westport Rotary Club, with Habitat for Humanity in Bridgeport.


When it comes to road races, no one beats the Pequot Running Club.

Though based in Southport, they’ve got a strong Westport presence.

For 45 years, thousands of participants have whetted their appetites at the Thanksgiving Day 5-Milel Race. Half of the course winds through our town.

Pequot also initiated, and strongly supports, the Laddie Lawrence Scholarship Fund. Named for the longtime (and legendary) Staples High School coach, it has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to deserving athletes.

Pequot also assists with the Staples track and field program, and Westport Road Runners Summer Series.

The other day, Pequot Running Club stepped out of its lane. They presented a check for over $100,000 to First Serve Bridgeport. The organization provides tennis, educational and growth opportunities to underserved youngsters in Bridgeport.

Congratulations, Pequot — and may you run forever.

Pequot Running Club founder Packer Wilbur presents a check to Charley Briggs, First Serve Bridgeport board member.


New York Times story this morning on former President Trump’s lawyers included the man at his immediate left in Tuesday’s historic arraignment, Westporter Joe Tacopina.

A photo caption said that Trump praised Tacopina for his television appearances.

The piece concluded: “(Trump’s) former attorney general, William P. Barr, shook his head at the sight of the defense table on Tuesday.

“Mr. Barr, who sat for an interview with the House select committee investigating Mr. Trump’s efforts to stay in office, explained that lawyers working for Mr. Trump tend to come to one conclusion.

“’Lawyers inevitably are sorry for taking on assignments with him,’ Mr. Barr said on Fox News. ‘They spend a lot of time before grand juries or depositions themselves.’”

Click here for the full Times story.

Attorney Joseph Tacopina sat at former President Trump’s left hand, at yesterday’s arraignment. (Photo/Curtis Means for EPA)


Plants are “springing” back to life. Mark Mathias provides today’s “Westport … Naturally” image, from Deadman Brook just south of Evergreen Cemetery.

(Photo/Mark Mathias)


And finally … Happy Easter!

(Happy Easter, Passover and Ramadan, to all who celebrate. Whatever your faith — or none at all — “06880” welcomes everyone. Please click here to support our work. Thank you!)

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  1. When I lived on South Ocean Blvd., tRump was juggling 60+ lawsuits. He was famous for hiring a local contractor to do work, then find fault after the work was completed, and only pay 70% of the agreed upon price. He screwed the little guy and that’s why now, no one does work for him unless they get 100% of the money up front! I’ll bet Tacopina doesn’t let the bills pile up.

  2. Marjorie Taylor Greene just compared Trump to Jesus! Think about that for a while!

  3. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Good idea Jack. Thinking would be a good start. We’ve tried everything else.

  4. Nelson Rockefeller, the front runner for the Republican presidential nomination in 1964, was ousted as the Republican favorite because he got a divorce. How things have changed in the family oriented Republican Party! How could Tacopina lower his image, and humiliate his family name, in the eyes of history, by representing this liar? Doesn’t he have any self respect? Doesn’t he care how his name will be remembered in in history?

  5. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    South Ocean Boulevard. Kennedy Compound territory. Your neighbors? Did you go to any of Teddy’s wild parties? I remember the time when the two Democrat “Lions Of The Senate”, Teddy K and Chris Dodd, gang raped the waitress in the Georgetown restaurant after having a “hard day at the office” passing laws aimed at “helping the working man.” Nothing for the working woman in the restaurant but their idea of putting out a 2 on 1 sandwich that wasn’t on the menu. So, no. Hunter is not the first. And Consigliere Tacopina is simply doing his part to keep our legal system the best in the world.

  6. If you read the article, attorneys end up suing Trump for non payment! If I were an attorney, I wouldn’t go near Trump as a client! Is it worth the money to tie your name to Trump in the eyes of history? Maybe he believes he’s representing Jesus like MTG compares him to?

  7. Dermot Meuchner

    Neocons and neoliberals, two sides of the same coin. Watch Coup 53 and tell me Trump is suddenly the problem causing this virulent polarization infecting the country.

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