Online Art Gallery #156

“Stunning” is an apt description of some of today’s dozen works.

Our online art gallery continues to impress, inspire, and innovate.

Which makes sense. This is your feature. Everyone is invited to contribute. Age, level of experience, subject matter — there are no restrictions.

All genres are encouraged. Watercolors, oils, charcoal, pen-and-ink, acrylics, lithographs, collages, macramé, jewelry, sculpture, decoupage and (yes) needlepoint — whatever you’ve got, email it to Share your work with the world!

“Spy Balloon” (Ken Runkel) 

“The Birth of Spring” (Dorothy Robertshaw)

“Tax Season” (Lawrence Weisman)

“Buildings” (Patricia Driscoll)

“Democrat, Republican or Independent?” (Mike Hibbard)

“‘Long Lake’ Rise From Slime to Sublime” (Janet Luongo)

“Front License Plate, Westport” — enamel on metal (Peter Barlow)

“Imitating Nature’s Fine Light” (Tom Doran)

“Weston Historical Society” (Mona Brown)

“Truffle Hunting Umbria” (Werner Liepolt)

“Westport Naturally Seen in our Backyard” (Steve Stein)

“View From the Window Seat” (Amy Schneider)

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12 responses to “Online Art Gallery #156

  1. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    So much talent.
    I would suggest that in terms of keeping up with the Joneses, the Weston Historical Society (ninth down from the top) needs to “upbrand” to the Weston Museum of History and Culture.

    • The Westport Historical Society has to be owned by the town of Westport, not some guy who isn’t a Westporter! I yanked my aunt’s 1932 diploma from there because the place has nothing to do with Westport! I suggest no one donate anything to the sham, and misnamed privately owned business!

  2. Laura Mullins

    I thoroughly enjoy looking at the artwork, photography, needlepoint, etc from Westport residents. I often wonder if any of it is available for purchase? I grew up in Westport, graduating from Staples in ‘75. Would love to have something original from Westport in our home in Atlanta.
    Thanks, Laura Lawliss Mullins

    • Laura, I visited your home in Atlanta with your mother sometime in the 1990s. I was going to a Yankee game with my son. If you want to touch base, ask Dan for my e-mail address. I used to enjoy visiting your family back in the day when everyone was in high school or junior high.

    • Laura, Dan tags the individual artists. You could reach out to them personally.

  3. As galleries always do, it would be nice for each artist to include the medium(s) that they used with each of the pieces they are posting.

    Also considering the infiltration of CGI and AI into the “art” world, that is becoming increasingly important for everyone (artists and patrons alike) to know and appreciate.

  4. Roseann Spengler

    I, too would like to know the medium of art showcased in the Online Art gallery. Would be great.

    • I agree, mention the medium, especially if it’s something odd – as my entry this week was, where the medium WAS mentioned – enamel on metal. Actually, a short time ago this site DID mention ALL the mediums (media?) – don’t know why that isn’t continuing. Really, the more information the better.

  5. Water color.

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