Photo Challenge #431

The statue of a man looking down at the ground could have been anywhere in Westport.

A church, cemetery, nursery, Levitt Pavilion, Linxweiler House, Haskins Preserve, MoCA, Saugatuck, Town Hall, Community Gardens, Library, Earthplace, Parker-Harding Plaza … all were guesses, in last week’s Photo Challenge.

All were wrong.

It took nearly 3 days — and a hint from me (“town-owned property”) — for Andrew Colabella (of course!) to nail the location.

It’s hidden at Longshore, behind La Plage restaurant and the Inn.

Sure, Pat Saviano’s shot was obscure. (Click here to see.) But I’m surprised — with all the time people spend at the patio bar (and at weddings on the grass) that no one else knew the answer.

So it’s on to the this week’s challenge. If you think you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Dinkin Fotografix)

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31 responses to “Photo Challenge #431

  1. Gas station by Maple & Post Rd?

  2. Of course … Where Bert keeps his tree trunks and hunks on the Post Road.

  3. Michelle & Steven Saunders

    Gas station on the post road near Greens Farms.

  4. Gloria Gouveia

    Shell Gas Station @ corner of Post Rd. & Maple Ave. South?

  5. Overlooking the wood pile at Bert’s. Diagonally across from Sakura.

  6. Michael Calise

    Handsome guy at Post Road East and the corner of Roseville

  7. Across from McDonald’s in log storage area.

  8. Gas station on the Post Rd near Fairfield

  9. Johanna Keyser Rossi

    By Mc Donald’s by the light on the Corner of Roseville Road where they are selling fire wood ?

  10. Andrew Colabella

    Corner of Post Road East & Roseville wood pile. Probably originated from BP gas station where they sat outside for sale

  11. New addition to the log pile at tne corner of Roseville and the
    Post Rd

  12. Heidi Cornish McGee

    Next to the woodpile at the northeast corner of Roseville and Post Road East,

  13. Corner of post rd east and Roseville across from McDonald’s

  14. Kate Caputo Squyres

    At the corner of the Post Road and Roseville in the lot with all the lumber.

  15. Bert‘s Tree Service lot at PRE and Roseville!

  16. Dentist office property near Westoncenter



  18. Michael Szeto

    In the lot where they keep the logs by the Post Road, across from Sakura and Macdonald’s.

  19. This can be seen at the corner of Post Road East and Roseville Road, across from McDonald’s. It’s Bert’s woodpile, subject of much intrigue, discussion and concern by many in town.

    The wooden bear may have migrated west from the BP station at the corner of Post Road East and Maple Avenue South. But that’s above my pay grade.

  20. Carl Addison Swanson, Wrecker, '66.

    Woodstock VT. “Fool on the Hill.”

  21. Amy Schneider

    Yes, I was going to send you a photo, but couldn’t find a safe way to take it. It’s Bert’s woodpile – although I’m not sure if he’s free from his tax woes.

  22. NE corner PRE and Roseville

  23. Seth Braunstein

    The abandoned lot at the corner of Roseville and the Post Road where all the wood was piled.

  24. in the wood yard at the corner of Post Rd and Roseville – it makes me smile!

  25. Carolyn Wilkinson

    The bear is at Bert’s tree lot. We ordered wood last week from there. I asked the man who we ordered the wood from why the sad bear face. He started laughing and said we need to ask the artist while still laughing.

  26. Exxon gas station on the Post Road East and Maple Ave South

  27. Wood lot corner of Post Rd and Roseville Rd

  28. On the corner of Post Road and Roseville Rd, diagonally across Sakura, there is a place where there are a lot of tree logs. The bear sits on the corner sadly.

  29. This cleverly carved guy is on the corner of Post Road and Roseville while the rest of his wooden bear family and friends are parked at the gas station on the corner of Maple Avenue.

  30. Janice Strizever

    Bear is at the corner of Roseville and Post Rd where all the logs are.

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