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Photo Challenge #431

The statue of a man looking down at the ground could have been anywhere in Westport.

A church, cemetery, nursery, Levitt Pavilion, Linxweiler House, Haskins Preserve, MoCA, Saugatuck, Town Hall, Community Gardens, Library, Earthplace, Parker-Harding Plaza … all were guesses, in last week’s Photo Challenge.

All were wrong.

It took nearly 3 days — and a hint from me (“town-owned property”) — for Andrew Colabella (of course!) to nail the location.

It’s hidden at Longshore, behind La Plage restaurant and the Inn.

Sure, Pat Saviano’s shot was obscure. (Click here to see.) But I’m surprised — with all the time people spend at the patio bar (and at weddings on the grass) that no one else knew the answer.

So it’s on to the this week’s challenge. If you think you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Dinkin Fotografix)

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