Roundup: Lyman Video, Julia Marino, Touch Football …

Westport’s fundraising for our sister city of Lyman, Ukraine continues to pay dividends.

The latest video from Ukraine Aid International shows one of 7 apartment complexes that have been saved, thanks to generous donations from Westporters.

An older resident describes conditions there. They have electricity and water, for which he is grateful.

It’s easy for us here to focus on things that, in the grand scheme of life, are truly minor. Click below, for a reality check.

Aid for our friends in Ukraine is still needed. Click here; under “Designation,” select “Westport – Lyman sister city.” Thank you!


The last time we checked in with Julia Marino, the Olympic snowboarding silver medalist was featured on a new Miggs Burroughs lightbox greeting arrivals at the Westport train station.

She just competed in her final events of the winter, last week in Austria and yesterday in Switzerland.

The Westport native won the FIS Crystal Globe for slopestyle, making her the top rider in this discipline for the entire season.

On Saturday she took gold at the World Cup in Corvatsch. Her winning video is below.


Julia also earned an FIS silver medal as best “Park and Pipe” rider, just 7 points behind the leader. The award includes snowboard athletes from 3 disciplines; slopestyle, big air and half-pipe.

Click here for a story on her Swiss run, and an interview with Julia.

Her mother Elaine was there this weekend, to cheer her on:


Speaking of sports: A familiar scene returned to Compo Beach yesterday morning.

I have no idea how long this touch football game has been going on at Compo. But it’s been a long time.

The players may change. But this image is timeless.

(Photo/Sunil Hirani)


Following on the heels — or wings — of the Fresh Market osprey, another raptor has returned to Longshore.

Alert “06880” reader Clarence Hayes reports: “They don’t start sitting on the nests until the females arrive and eggs are laid. There should be at least another 5 soon, to fill out the 3 permanent nests around the golf course.”

Osprey at Longshore (Photo/Clarence Hayes)


This is not the first wild turkey to be featured on “Westport … Naturally.”

But it sure may be the biggest.

Susan Garment spotted the bird on Partrick Road.

Say what you will: They were here first.

(Photo/Susan Garment)


And finally … in celebration of National Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day (you can’t make this stuff up):

(Yee haw! Another great start to the week. To make it even better, please click here to help support “06880.” Thank y’all.)

7 responses to “Roundup: Lyman Video, Julia Marino, Touch Football …

  1. Congratulations Julia!

  2. Eric Buchroeder

    And the war goes on. At least we stopped Hitler before we rebuilt Marigny. But I don’t blame the citizens of Lyman for taking the money. And I applaud you Dan for organizing the effort.

  3. Carl Addison Swanson, Wrecker, '66.

    Any organized effort on teen football started in the late 1950’s as Pop Warner. We practiced in the corner of the beach right next to the main entry. The beach, itself, was so rocky back then, one would be taking their ankles at risk in any touch game.

  4. That was one sweet clean run! Congratulations to Julia (and Elaine) on yet another great season.

  5. On the country music front, you left out, “I’ve Got Tears in My Ears From Lying On My Back in My Bed While I Cry Over You”; a 1950 contribution by Homer and Jethro.
    But thanks, anyhow, for the first 06880 shout out to America’s very best music genre, despite those silly ditties mentioned.

    • How about “When it’s Orange Blossom Time in Orange, New Jersey, We’ll Make a Peach of a Pair.”

  6. Luisa Francoeur

    That turkey may be the male I used to see strutting with his harem on Broadview Rd.

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