Refill Not Landfill: Drink (C)up!

In January, Sustainable Westport launched Refill Not Landfill.

The program encourages residents to use reusable mugs at coffee shops to reduce waste, combat climate change, and help support small businesses.

It’s simple: At checkout, just scan a QR code to enter your name and email. Five refills (at any location) qualifies you for a monthly raffle.

The program has now expanded, to 15 locations:

(If you don’t see your favorite spot listed: Tell ’em to contact There’s no limit!)

Reusable cup at Winfield Street Coffee.

The past 2 winners were Moira Relac ($100 Don Memo gift card) and Scott (massage at Dharma Massage Therapy).

The next drawing is April 15. The prize: 2 tickets to a Westport Country Playhouse show of your choice.

Bring your reusable mugs. Save the planet. And win!

For more information about the Refill Not Landfill program, click here.

6 responses to “Refill Not Landfill: Drink (C)up!

  1. And be sure to boycott Starbucks until they wake up and join.

  2. Eric Buchroeder

    There are many, many reasons to boycott Starbucks.

  3. Can you make coffee at home ?

    • Eric Buchroeder

      Novel idea. However, if Starbucks goes out of business 06880 loses most of its content. Dan would have to go from house to house to take pictures of self-centered Westporters double-parking their gas-guzzlers in front of their own houses while their next door neighbor has a platoon of undocumented migrants bused in from Bridgeport blowing their leaves. Oh, that’s another rant thread you can’t double park rant topics.

      • And, again, with Eric, the truth is oft times said in jest.

        • Eric Buchroeder

          Then again Dan (Katz, not Woog) in Westport, truth is stranger than fiction and Westport is stranger than Bridgeport, which at least has affordable housing and a pretty nice beach.

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