Photo Challenge #430

Last week’s Photo Challenge was a “bitt” tough.

Scott Smith explains his image: “2 bitts (moorings used to anchor boats) long covered by sand at Burying Hill Beach, just west of the walkway easement that leads to Beachside Ave. They at the edge of the beachfront owned by the modernist house overlooking the Sound across the street from Greens Farms Academy.” (Click here to see.)

Pat Saviano, Dr. Ralph Balducci Ph.D., Andrew Colabella, Seth Braunstein and Beth Berkowitz were the alert and maritime-minded readers who knew a good bitt about Scott’s photo.

Pat is a double winner: Her image (below) is this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Pat Saviano)

34 responses to “Photo Challenge #430

  1. Assumption Church?

  2. Greek botanist Theophrastus somewhere in Westport.

  3. Winslow Park: “Did I step in something?”

  4. Willowbrook Cemetary

  5. So far, 0-for-4.

  6. Okay. How about a garden nursery? Izzo’s? Gilbertie’s? Terrain?

  7. Levitt Pavillion?

  8. Andrew Colabella


  9. Eric Buchroeder

    Assumption Church? St. Luke’s Church?

  10. The Saugatuck Congregational Church gardens

  11. Wow – still no correct answers. Interesting!

  12. Barbara Sherburne '67

    In Dan Woog’s yard.

  13. I don’t know, but it’s not in Florida- desantis would have covered it.

    • I can’t believe Andrew and fred haven’t gotten it!!!!
      This is first time I remember that no one got it!

  14. Linxweiler House — after the trees came down!

  15. Westport realtors sure have alot of time on their hands.

  16. greens farms church?

  17. Still no winners …

  18. Haskin Preserve

  19. Matthew Dombrow

    MoCA Westport?

  20. STILL no correct answers…

  21. On the corner of Treadwell Ave and Saugatuck Ave?

  22. Andrew Colabella

    Ok imma go with the house on Sylvan Road South, at the fork, Dr. Lippman Office

  23. Hint: Town-owned property.

  24. Community garden long lots

  25. Andrew Colabella

    Town owned: Longshore? Either parks and Rec or splash

  26. Andrew Colabella

    I’m going with Longshore splash/La plage It’s town owned

  27. Long Lots Town Garden

  28. Of course Andrew got it right! Longshore — “the back patio,” according to photographer Pat Saviano. Persistence pays off!

  29. John D McCarthy

    I believe that the statue pays homage to a waiter that has worked a double shift. Pain, fatigue, etc. Having spent HS and college workign down there, I think it is appropriate.

  30. Andrew comes through!!!!

  31. Is that the longest it has taken to get a right answer in the photo contest?

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