Happy Birthday: “06880” Turns 14!

Just over a year ago — when we turned 13 — “06880” became a non-profit.

Our mission is to “create a community for Westporters old and new, near and far, through sharing stories, news, events, history and perspectives, uniting all who love our hometown.”

It’s been quite a year.

In the past 12 months, we’ve:

  • Helped build Westport’s sister city relationship with Lyman, Ukraine; led effort to raise over $252,000 for building supplies, generators, police and trash trucks, communications equipment, holiday meals and more, with partner Ukraine Aid International.
  • Published the “Pic of the Pics” photo book, highlighting the best images from “06880”‘s popular nightly feature.
  • Joined with the Westport Downtown Association for the 2nd annual Holiday Stroll, with Santa Claus, music, entertainment and more; over 500 people, and more than 40 retailers and restaurants, kicked off the season together.
  • Served as media sponsor of Westport Library’s Verso Fest music workshops and concerts (2022 and 2023).
  • Partnered with the Library on a meeting with “Little Rock 9” member Carlotta LaNier, and students from Westport and Bridgeport.
  • Organized “Understanding Ukraine: Past, Present and Future” panel with Professor Wolodymyr Zaryckyj, director of the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations.
  • Partnered with the Drew Friedman Community Arts Center’s 3 $7,500 scholarships for aspiring art students.
  • Welcomed 150 “06880” friends to the annual July “blog party” community gathering.
  • Volunteered at Experience Camps’ “Day of Champions.”

“06880” helped make Christmas a little happier for 491 children in Lyman, Ukraine.

That’s in addition to churning out several stories a day on town issues, history, organizations, personalities, arts, sports, businesses, opinions, trends and more.

Plus the daily Roundup, Pic of the Day, Unsung Hero, Friday Flashback and Photo Challenge.

“06880” is free to read. There’s no subscription or paywall.

But it’s not free to produce.

Since my first post in March of 2009 — 14 years ago — “06880” has become my full-time job. I spend 6 to 8 hours a day on every aspect of it.

Taking a quick break from “06880” duties. (Photo/Pam Einarsen)

I conduct interviews and research. I take, find and edit photos. I moderate the comments (152,000 now, and counting). I answer every email.

I also write all of those 3 to 5 (or more) stories a day. Since that very first post 14 years ago yesterday, I have not missed a single day. That’s over 15,600 (and counting).

“06880” also pays for web hosting, software, bank fees, the Stroll and holiday party — and, hopefully this year, research and writing help.

Which brings us to our annual appeal.

This year’s is special.

With our 501 (c)(3) status, we now offer tax-deductibility to the extent allowed by law. In addition to individual contributions, we can accept corporate matching funds, and foundation grants.

You can donate by PayPal or credit card: click here. It’s easy, safe — and you don’t even need a PayPal account. 

Checks can be mailed to “06880”: PO Box 744, Westport, CT 06881.

We’re also on Venmo: @blog06880

You can even scan this QR code:

Many 14-year-olds forget to write thank-you notes. We won’t.

Thank you! 

17 responses to “Happy Birthday: “06880” Turns 14!

  1. Dear Dan,
    Congrats!! It is impressive what you have been able to do with 06880. For us ex-Westporters in self-imposed exile it is nice to be able to stay in touch with old home-town. Keep the stormes and the news coning.
    Best regards,

  2. As an out-of-stater now, I continue to make a contribution to 06880 each year. It is the best way to support news from my hometown for 30 years.

  3. As an in-Towner 06880DanWoog.com is invaluable in keeping our family up-to-date on what is happening in our Town of Westport- the important, the frivolous, the entitled parkers, the beautiful scenery, the imaginative art, the government meetings, the public events, the accomplished milestones, the potential millstones, as well as all the openings and closings around town.

    Keep up the great work- happy to contribute.

  4. Dolores Noble Steadly

    you have an amazing column, writing, pictures and info. am new to this column but now read it everyday and admire your work. thanks.

  5. Bobbie Herman

    Dan, you’ve always said “Once a Westporter, always a Westporter,” and that holds true for this ex-pat. Your column keeps me in touch with everything (good or bad) happening in my favorite town, although I live a mere half hour away, and am in town at least once a week. I am happy to contribute to help keep 06880 going.

    Keep up the good and wonderful work!

  6. Not missed a SINGLE day! In 14 years?! Gutteu. An iron man. Congratualtions.

  7. Great job Dan! I enjoy the history, heros and current events that have made Wspt. the town my family relocated to from Cleveland in 1969.

  8. A suggestion I modify 06880 to $ 68.80 and give that amount each year. I’m sure Dan would be quite happy if every reader did the same.
    Jim McKay

  9. Roseann Spengler

    Happy Birthday 06880 and thank you Dan for making Westport come alive for me for 14 years. Look forward to every post. Birthday card in the mail.

  10. Dan, this is another great opportunity to say thank you for adding that good ole’ hometown characteristic to Westport. In an era where life moves very quickly, and people barely know their neighbors, you have kept us connected and informed. Thank you for all that you do. Your efforts are recognizable and significant.

  11. A great resource for all of us near and far who are connected to this fine town. Lots of hard work, passion and energy to keep us all informed , inspired and involved. Long may it run.

  12. Patricia McMahon

    Thank you for all you do Dan for our evolving community.
    Cheers to #14, and many more birthdays to come.

  13. Eighteen years ago my boat and I left Westport and headed east to be nearer my family. My daughter told me about 06880 and that has become a very satisfying connection to the town where I grew up. Check the mail!

  14. Andrew Colabella

    Happy Birthday 06880 👏🏼 Here’s to many more years of reviving past historic events in town and the people who have passed on, while honoring and shining new residents and townies and their efforts to the community.

  15. Appy B’day an any or!
    Thanks for waht you do for the rest of us!

  16. Carl Addison Swanson, SHS, 66

    Congrats on 14 . . . just entering puberty. While I am the first to donate, contribute articles and advertise my books, NO writer should write for free for this period. Advertising, subscription model and/or fund raising should be your money, not begging for it. Thanks for the fluff on the town.

  17. You are so awesome!! Thank you for giving this to us.Thank you for all you for all you do ..your talent and skill and amazing effort! Congrats🎉🎉✨

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