Yeah, yeah, I know…

In the early 1980s, when the first personal computers crashed on the scene, I could not imagine why any actual person would want one.  Within a year or so, I bought a Kaypro.

In the 1990s, when folks first started developing personal websites, I vowed never to follow the crowd.  It did not take long to cave.  For over a decade, I have been the proud owner/operator of

So of course, after resisting blogging for several years — many generations, in tech-talk — I have now unleashed “06880” on the world.

What’s it all about? Beats me.

My vague idea is an adjunct to “Woog’s World” – my column that first appeared in the Westport News in 1986, on my way-cool Kaypro. I expect to write briefer, pithier, but no less scintillating, thoughts on what’s going on in my universe, and related galaxies. I expect every post to have some kind of Westport angle, but then again expectations are seldom reality. We expected George W. Bush to live up to his promise of “compassionate conservatism,” not that I am comparing myself to the man who James Buchanan is fighting to relinquish his spot as “Worst President Ever” to.

I will scour the town, from the Shores of Saugatuck to the Farms of Green’s, looking for interesting (or at least short) tidbits to comment on. But, like the judges on “American Idol,” I don’t expect to do all the work. This is your blog as much as mine. I welcome encourage plead for feedback from you, my soon-to-be-loyal readers. Kind words are cool, but so are disagreements. This is Westport, where every opinion is welcome  (even if it’s wrong).

So subscribe. Send ideas. Post comments. Give me some dirt to work with. And please pass the word about “06880” along to everyone you know.

Is this a great town or what?

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